This page is packed with unique 18th birthday gift ideas for teen boys and girls

18th birthday gift Ideas

In many cultures 18yrs is the age of independence, greater responsibilities and ability to do things previously denied. It varies from culture to culture (drinking age UK 19, USA 21 as an example). So choose a gift that is appropriate for where you live.

The 18th Birthday is as such a very special milestone for a teenager and it should be marked in a memorable way. 18th birthday mug for Granddaughters

PERSONALIZED 18th birthday GIFTS ideas for girls and boys, him and her

Personalized accessories, clothing and keepsakes are a great way to celebrate your son, Grandson, Godson or daughter, granddaughter, Goddaughters 18th birthday. I have a great selection featured on this page, to view more enter the stores via any link or image.

Check out this trendy 18th birthday mug for Granddaughters – you can personalize by adding a name. It has a poem for teen girls which they will love. The same poem is featured on a range of gifts including this 18th birthday daughter keepsake / jewellery box.   


18th birthday tshirts funny boy girlFor boys (and girls)  there are trendy and funny 18th birthday t-shirts which you can also a name too (perhaps on the back). There are lots of modern designs to choose from.

DRIVING / Car related

Driving lessons are a great gift idea as is financial help buying their first car. A contribution towards car insurance, personalized car mats are all great gifts for a new driver.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – Great alternative 18th Birthday Gift ideas for son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson

18th birthday party invitations photoA 18yr old teenage boy or girl might also like a subscription to a favorite movie channel, music  or gaming site.  There are lots of things teenagers are interested in today that weren’t available when we were young. Think outside of the box!


For an 18yr old guy driving a super car, enjoying a hot air balloon ride, taking a tandem parachute jump seems is the adrenalin rush they’re seeking so why not treat them to an experience day which they will remember for a lifetime?

This card covers hundreds of experiences from diving with sharks, world’s tallest bungee jump to the oldest yoga retreat in India and dinner with a NASA astronaut! Today’s price $79. For MORE great experience day passes and vouchers including destination passes ENTER Amazon here.


Alternative gift ideas for an 18th birthday for son or daughter might include a weekend away with friends, a family meal out and a gift that reflects the journey they are now on.

In the meantime I’ve hand picked some popular and trending gifts for an 18th birthday – check them out below! Quadcopters are teenage boys big ask right now ! Teen girls will appreciate professional and brand name beauty supplies and named accessories.

18th birthday Teen Gamer Gifts

Fun and Mature Teen Gift Options

Funny 18th Birthday T-Shirt and Mug Gifts

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