Zhu-Zhu Back Wrap Heat Pack – Mobile back warmer review

I had what I thought was a genius idea! I had wanted some form of mobile heat device to wear around my lower back when out on a cold day walking the dog. I have arthritic pains and so this would be a taste of heaven. I thought about a wheat bag that you heat in the microwave, but how would it stay on? I then devised a way to make the wheat bag with straps and sections to shape and so wear the bag around the waist.

When I looked for materials to make the wheat bag on eBay I cam across a number of shaped back warming wheat bags already made! This means my idea was not unique but it was genius!

mobile back wrap

Zhu-Zhu Back Wrap Heat Pack

I ordered one as a gift to myself and it’s wonderful. It’s a little heavy to wear and of course pads out the back but is fairly undetectable under a thick coat. I have found the heat lasts around 50mins, which is ideal for a long walk. I also use it in the car on my lap, and around my shoulders. It is made of a nice corduroy type material and is quite sturdy, well made. If you have back pain, you may also find this helpful and inexpensive.


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