Gifts that make you go 'eeeeeeeeewwww' GROSS and UNUSUAL bleuh

zombie accessories - teeth jewelryPulled Teeth with blood hair accessory -Hand made from Ooak clay

These really grossed me out when I first saw them. They really are very well made though, look totally realistic!! I have kept my daughters pulled teeth so I know. Mind you some would consider that gross. I think these would make an awesome gift for a zombie fan, goth girl or someone who just likes to be different in a ‘gross’ kind of way. Excellent shock value.

You can view more mad, gross creations by this same designer HERE.



zombie soap


These are equally gross catering to the ‘Dexter’ serial killer fan type of audience, the practical joker and the zombies fan! These are decayed looking, chopped off fingers SOAPS. Imagine washing your face with one of these! Yuk 🙂 Totally gross, love them 🙂 They are loving ‘hand crafted’ Pun intended!

More handmade soap from this designer here (not all gross).

cockroach jewelry


These are fun – cockroach hair pins

From what I can tell these are re-purposed plastic practical joke type cockroaches which have been attached to hairpins by the crafter/seller.

A very novel use for the fan of the macabre! 🙂





xmas poop wee


Who wouldn’t want this on their Xmas tree at Christmas! An adorable poop and wee filled ornament (bauble)! Erm …. me. Although it would be an excellent conversation piece!

More unusual and gross poop wee xmas baubles here.

Meanwhile here are some GROSS printed items you can customize for that ‘special someone’.


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