How to save a TON of money on seasonal gifts, clothes and home decor items

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For the latest sales, discount codes and money off vouchers visit my FaceBook page as I tend to post the details re current Gift offers there. The stores I favor ( ie Zazzle) often have gift and accessories sales as high as 60% OFF so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for a sale on the gift item you’re seeking, even of if the event or holiday season is a while away.

I always take advantage of gift sales myself. I buy many of my Christmas gifts for example in the Jaunary sales, eleven months early! The saving on Xmas decorations and so on can be especially huge, simply because they are now out of season. For example, I buy Christmas cards, crackers and gift wrap in the January sales for the following Christmas. Discounts are often huge, maybe up to 80%.

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You also often find stocking filler type gifts brought into stores just for the Christmas period massively discounted as the store doesn’t stock such items the rest of the year. Items such as beauty gift sets from your local pharmacy and so on.

I do the same re seasonal clothes. I buy them during the sales when they’re out of season for the following season. Some styles are timeless so I can still be fashionable. 🙂 Big savings can be made buying winter coats in Spring and buying summer beach wear holiday type clothing in Autumn. Be a savvy shopper and you will save a fortune!

It’s not a good idea to buy perishable gifts such as food items out of , not if you’re planning on keeping them for several months more. Chocolate that is out of date or has had a long shelf life can tend to get that white coca appearance to it. Allegedly it doesn’t affect taste  doesn’t look great.

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You can also save money on gifts by taking advantage of ‘unwanted’ gifts that find their way into charity or thrift stores and shops. You can find brand new gifted items in these stores, often complete with original product wrapping and tags. They are new, unused and massively discounted. You will even find top brand items.

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Here’s a novel idea meanwhile … Which may seem a little mercenary.

You could have a party with local friends whereby you each bring unwanted or unused gift items to swap and trade. It reduces clutter, stops you from being a hoarder and ensures all items find a good home.

If you have any seasonal money saving tips, let me know here 🙂

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  1. For folks in the US, the Zazzle Black $9.99 per year deal for free shipping is another great way to save. Instead of waiting until you have several items to order to save on shipping, you can just get whatever it that’s on sale and not have to worry about shipping cost.

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