Minecraft product review by my eleven yr old son

I can’t possibly write a review about Minecraft aside from saying that it takes up a LOT of my eleven yr old sons time. He enjoys reading the Minecraft books of course plays Minecraft online and loves receiving anything with a Minecraft theme for Birthdays and Christmas. To date he has a few Minecraft books, a super Minecraft t-shirt and all the Minecraft Mods (cuddly toys to you and I). So… I have recruited HIM to write a review, bless him.

Here it is followed by some awesome Minecraft goodies which will no doubt be on my own shopping list very soon! The text in pink are my own (mom) responses to what he’s written.

Minecraft Review By Adam – aged 11 and something.

“If you want to know what Minecraft is the ‘Beginners’ handbook is very helpful. If you want to learn how to build use the ‘Construction’ handbook, same with with PVP (eh?) (player versus player). Now moving on to the Minecraft t-shirts. These have an epic (that means really good) design and they’re great to wear to comicons (hmm will I be taking him to one of these soon?) where a lot of famous Minecraft YouTubers go. The RedStone lamp is a touch lamp which lights up when you touch it. Me … as a boy think it’s really cool!  (Me as a mom think it was pricey for what it is!) The best thing of all are the Minecraft Mods (teddy’s) that feature in the game. My personal favorite is the ‘sheep’ as it is very fluffy (He means its good to throw about). That is why Minecraft is epic – bye!”

So we can establish Minecraft is epic 🙂

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