Photo Booth Party Ideas and props – so trendy!

how to plan photo booth party
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Photo Booth parties are so trendy right now. They are great fun and guaranteed to leave lasting memories. To get you started featured here are some awesome fun party booth props and back drops which will inspire great ideas for your own photo booth party! Included are very trendy chalkboard vintage party booth signs, they’re really retro and great fun. Don’t miss the customizable photo booth party invitations and favors.

How to make your own Photo Booth

Your photo booth doesn’t have to be an actual booth it just needs to have a themed backdrop and a decorated table nearby with awesome props. You can buy a ready made themed photo back drop or you can make your own. Party supplies stores often have feature length themed wall posters that make great photo booth backdrops. You may also be able to source some gift wrap that matches your theme that you can attach to a suitable wall with removable tac. If you are very creative you can draw or paint your own booth back-drop. I myself always have wallpaper lining in my craft supplies kit as this is very inexpensive and very strong and makes great last-minute poster making material. It would be perfect for this task.

Page down for photo booth party theme ideas

Theme ideas for your Photo Booth Party

Retro Mustache Party Props - mustaches for everyone! Retro striped photo booth, chalkboard signage
Casablanca Movie Buff Party Props - cool film ticket invitations, dress-up clothes, red carpet and movie scene backdrop for booth
Pirate Themed Party Props - eye patches, face paints, red and white stripy scarves for head and neck gear, sea and ship scene for the photo booth
Roaring Twenties Party Props - grab some feather boas, long beaded necklaces and fascinators.

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