Gift Ideas from absent fathers to their children – Q

I was today asked for gift ideas that an absent father can give his children. This was my frank reply:

“For absent fathers the very best gift you can give your kids is you. Your time, your interest. However hard it is try to see your children. Meanwhile other valuable gifts if you can’t be around would be letters, phone calls and so on.
If you’re really after a tangible gift, money for life’s essentials is perhaps the most appreciated gift after all the above. If you’re not around your children you can’t guess what their needs or interests are so money with a hand written note to show ‘thought’ is helpful. For long-term a trust fund, college fund, money for driving lessons, their first car and so on.”

If you are a dad, mom or children for whom the above may apply, please do let us know your thoughts and ideas regarding gifts from fathers who for whatever reason are not around.

Thank you

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