Say Sorry Gift Ideas – Sincere Apology


Say Sorry With Style and Sincerity

Say <a href=People generally say sorry with flowers and an apology card. It really depends though on your relationship to the person to whom you are saying sorry and of course what you are apologising for. The most important thing to the person you have ‘wronged’ is that you are sincere in your apology. Thus any gift should reflect that sincerity. It should not be an ‘easy’ gift that took little time and thought to arrange. The ‘value’ is not an important issue.

I love these ‘I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry’. Being ‘Hangry’ (hungry and angry mashup) is now thing! They introduce an element of humor but the sincerity (you spent money on this!) is still there.

I also very much like a sorry gift idea that I came across recently which was to create a ‘sorry box’. This could be as simple as a shoe box that you decorate and inside put something that is of value to you. Yes … to you!

Parting with something that is precious to you will be a clear indicator to the other person that you favor their forgiveness over and above the value Apologiesof this item. Ensure it is something that they recognize is special to you. If the other person accepts your apology and does forgive you then it is likely you will get this item back. But don’t bank on it!!

Apologies Cards – Personalized

Parting with something precious to you will also force you to properly consider ‘how sorry’ you really are. You may find you don’t want to part with anything, that the friendship or relationship isn’t worth it. In which case … is there really any point in saying sorry at all?

Insincerity is not appreciated when it comes to accepting an apology. It can make things worse.

Below are some fun as well as sincere ‘sorry’ gifts to lighten the mood. Some traditional flowers and chocs gift baskets for saying sorry and a few customizable and personalized ‘saying sorry’ gift ideas.

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