How do I surprise my friend, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband on his her birthday? Q

How do I surprise so and so on their birthday?

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This question comes up a lot and it is not possible to answer it in any ‘niche’ way given the lack of accompanying detail that often comes with the question.

First and very importantly not everyone likes birthday surprises. This may seem odd but genuinely there are many who prefer to be prepared for events. They prefer to have an element of control over what they’re doing and who with. A surprise birthday party or activity can disorientate them, cause anxiety and as a result falls flat as the wonderful surprise that you wanted it to be.

If someone tells you they do not like surprises, please do listen to them and respect their wish in that regard. Trust me, they’re not joking!

If however, the person you want to surprise has indicated they enjoy surprises then it is full steam ahead and I suppose the sky is the limit! Literally …you could hire a plane to write their name in the clouds. Expensive but a pretty fab surprise yes?

Throwing a surprise anything doesn’t need to be expensive. It could be something as sweet and cheap as a surprise picnic in the park (ensure you have a good weather day) or a poem you’ve written.

If you feel you do not know the person well enough to accurately predict the sort of surprise they might enjoy then for now, until you do know them better, play it safe with one of the lovely surprise gift ideas featured below. This is better than unwanted, unappreciated surprises.

If you know the woman or man is a romantic a weekend getaway may be a nice surprise (if that’s where you are in the relationship). You could enhance this further with rose petals on the bed, champagne or wine they enjoy on the bedside table, a candlelit meal for two in the room or in a nice restaurant. Some favorite easy listening music playing in the background. This is old style romance but it is a classic and generally for the romantic at heart is a winner.

It is mainly female orientated of course. A man may prefer that you surprised him with a romantic fishing trip ..where you stay at home and his mates are invited.

In essence you need to know them well to plan a successful surprise, good luck!

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