Thank you gift for a Doctor, nurse

Show your appreciation for your health professional with a unique Thank you Gift

Q: Is it ok to give a thank you gift to a nurse, Doctor and what gift should I give?

A: I used to work in this environment and the medical team and the administration and reception teams would be bought thank you or seasonal gifts such as wine, chocolate, tins of biscuits, baskets of fruit etc. They would accept these gifts and often share them among the team. Flowers were also sometimes bought as a gesture of thanks. Flowers though are not ideal as they be difficult to store and display - lack of vases, danger of water near electrical equipment and so on.

Anything extravagant is likely to be refused and should be avoided.

Different work places will have different practices and protocols. Cash gifts are a definite no-no.The gift should be a 'gesture of thanks' only. A thank you card is very much appreciated and often sufficient. Any 'gift' which may look like a payment for services is a no -no. Gifts should not be offered before the service has been performed for that same reason.

Gift ideas for Nurses and Doctors

I would suggest a gift basket which contains enough variety to keep the team happy accompanied by a thank you card. A gift basket would not raise any concern.

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