Gift Etiquette For Bridal Shower – Q

Q: I’ve been invited to a bridal shower, I’ve never been to one before do I bring a gift?

A: Traditionally a bridal shower is for the brides nearest and dearest female family members or friends all of whom have been invited to the wedding. Assuming you fall into one of those categories a gift is expected which will be opened during a bridal shower gift opening ceremony of sorts during the party. Some brides-to-be will have a registry (gift list) for their bridal party or they may be having a themed bridal party in which case any gifts will be dictated by the theme.

The gift doesn’t have to be something for the couple after they’re married. It can be something just for the ‘bride’ such as exotic undies for the honeymoon or a spa day and so on. As you will be attending the wedding and also expected to buy a gift for that the bridal shower gift is not expected to be something extravagant and can be an accessory to the main wedding present.

Featured here are a few personalized bridal shower gift ideas

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