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Priest Ordination What Types of Gifts Are Appropriate to Give to Clergy Like Pastors, Ministers or Priests?

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  • What Types of Gifts Are Appropriate to Give to Clergy Like Pastors, Ministers or Priests?
    By Amberh Ardrich

    If you are planning to give a gift to your church clergy, you have to make sure that you choose an appropriate gift. It would be awkward and embarrassing if you chose something inappropriate or totally wrong. You have to be careful since the clergy or pastor is a highly respected person in your church and town. You need to know some important tips before you decide to buy anything as a gift.

    Pastors and clergymen are simple people. They do not want to be given extravagant or materialistic gifts. Choose something that is appropriate for their position. To give you some tips and ideas on the types of accessories available for clergymen that you can give as gifts, you might find the following suggestions helpful.

    � If your pastor wears formal attire, then one of the best accessories that you can give is a pair of religion-themed cufflinks. You can buy cufflinks with small golden crosses on them or the clergy’s initials embossed on the cufflinks. This is a great formal gift that your clergy can wear on formal occasions.

    � Always appropriate are bookmarks as gifts since these can display a religious or thought-provoking and uplifting message or scripture verses.

    � You can also buy a new Bible for your pastor or minister. Bibles have different translations or versions. Ask your pastor about a Bible version that he still does not have and you can give this as a gift. You can also give a Bible that has a special meaning to your life, such as a Bible given to you by your deceased father or a Bible that helped you during the lowest points of your life. Your clergy will surely appreciate the gift because of the value and meaning.

    � For a priest, you could buy a holy water bottle. You can easily buy this accessory from shops that sell clergy accessories. This is cheaper than the other gifts included in this list but it is just as important.

    � If you know that your pastor loves to drink coffee, you can buy a gift card from his favorite coffee store.

    � Another great clergy accessory is a small crucifix or rosary, depending upon your religious traditions. You can also buy these from religious shops. Choose something that is made of wood rather than plastic because the former is more durable and elegant than the latter.

    Keep in mind that you have to consider the type of church that the clergy serves before you give anything, especially accessories with religious symbols like a cross or images of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary. However, no matter which gift you choose from those listed above, your act of caring and giving will be appreciated.

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