Gift Ideas for a secret crush

What Gift Can You Give Your Secret Crush?

There are two scenarios here which dictate the type of gift you give your secret crush. I have gift ideas for each, page down to view.

1. You want to remain anonymous

I’d suggest a simple gift card or greeting card  from those who wish to remain anonymous. Your secret crush can buy whatever they want with the gift card, and it won’t seem creepy, which a love themed gift may do if they don’t know who sent it. They may worry they have a stalker!

The cuddly toys are less serious and quite inoffensive. They can even be given as a sign of friendship between friends. These suit both scenarios. But ensure you know your audience, any anonymous gift can leave the recipient feeling unsettled.

It’s better to let them know. He / she who dares wins right?

2. You want to tell them how you feel

I’ve hand picked a selection of gifts which I feel are suitable for going public with your love. The jewelry is a more serious gesture and only to be given if you’re confident the feelings may be reciprocated. Because the jewelry won’t be worn if they’re not!

We've all had a secret crush at some point in our lives, if not several! I know I have. My first (and most enduring) secret crush was on a boy from school that I knew from when I was 6yrs. His name was Jason and we were in the same class at school through the years. No one ever guessed my secret and that includes my best friends. So the question is ... did I ever buy my secret love a gift?

Well, despite my enduring adoration for this young man I never did. Quite simply I had no money and I was a kid. But in my head and my heart I showered him with hugs and kisses and teddy bears and cute balloons. 🙂 And in reality I scribbled his code name on my ruler, pencil case, school books and diary.

Why did I keep my crush so secret? It never occurred to me in a million years that the attraction was or would be reciprocated. He was quite well liked by lots of girls at school and so he had his pick. Anyway ..the story has a happy ending. I saw this guy at my school reunion (we were aged 18yrs) and nolonger fancied him and I am pretty sure this time that he DID fancy me! How the tables turn. 🙂

Do you have any secret crush love stories you'd like to share? If you do, email them to me at or leave them here in comments.


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