Why do people throw parties for their dogs?

Dog Parties are trending and why not?

It’s Time For a Dog Party Celebration

By Shirley Purdy

Did you know that a dog party celebration is a wonderful pick-me-up!

When women feel down and need a bit of pampering, we can retreat to our favorite spa and indulge in being thoroughly spoilt. Sometimes we go to the shops and spend money on totally unnecessary things… but it feels good! Maybe, even organise a party for a group of friends, with lots of our favorite food and drink.

Our pets, on the other hand, don’t get the opportunity to go off to the Spa and be spoilt, unfortunately! However, you can now spoil your four-legged, furry friend and organize a party for them, giving them the similar kind of tender loving care.

During the last few years, more and more pet owners are pampering their pets, by cooking special meals for them and giving them birthday gifts.

So, why not go one step further and organize a dog party celebration.

This is also a great idea, because your four-legged guest’s will all be accompanied by their owners… and hey presto, two parties in one!!

Did you know… 93% of pet owners, in a survey, stated they felt that love and attention contributed more to their pet’s quality of life than anything else.

Holding a dog party celebration, is a great way to payback your pet for giving unquestionable loyalty, pleasure and enjoyment. As a long-time pet owner, I’ve learned the importance of the family pet.

Most dog owners will do more for their pet, than for themselves, and are always looking for ways to pamper their pets and shower them with affection.

All dogs love to romp and play with other dogs. They also have a keen interest in eating tasty goodies, almost without restriction. So, indulge your pet with flair, maybe organize a fun theme party and dress your pooch in party clothes!

It’s not hard to organize a mixed party, which includes your doggie guests. Remember one “Golden Rule”… this is not the time to introduce pets that are not familiar with each other! Why not invite friends and neighbors only, as your dog will already be friends with them… well most anyway!! This way you can be sure that the pets will interact while the owners mingle and chat.

If you are going to have your dog party celebration in your own backyard, why not bake your own special treats, even make the birthday cake. Home-made snacks are not difficult to make and will leave your pet feeling happy and appreciated. Try making some crispy bacon dog treats or even their own frozen popsicles to pamper your favorite furry friend.

Maybe you have a small back yard and you want to let your doggie guest’s have more space to romp around. If so, try the local park and have a picnic party for your pooch. You can make up individual party packs for each doggie guest. With all the running around they will be thirsty, so make sure you take a few water bowls and plenty of bottled water.

Have a box with an assortment of toys for your doggie guests to play with. This enables the dog owners to have fun with their own pet and all the other party dogs! Everybody will be throwing a ball (or stick), skimming a Frisbee, enjoying a tug-of-war or just simply running around with the dogs.

What a great way to be silly and not feel at all guilty… enjoy your dog party soon!

Shirley Purdy is the creator of a popular dog birthday party website. Find a wealth of dog party themes, recipes, games, treats and our party planner at

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