Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party Supplies

If you have the honor and pleasure of throwing a Ruby wedding anniversary party either for yourselves or for someone else (perhaps your parents) you will ensure a classy gathering with these wonderful Ruby Wedding Anniversary invitations and matching party supplies including napkins, tablecovers, guest towels and more. Featured are also some customizable anniversary items.

  • Ruby Anniversary 40th Luncheon Napkins
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:After 40 years of marriage, you know that it's the little things that count. Our Ruby Anniversary 40th Lunch Napkins will add that special touch with their red damask details on top of a crisp white background. Each features a ñ40th Anniversaryî headline
  • Price: $4.69
  • Ruby Anniversary 9 oz Cups
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Raise your glass and toast the happy couple during their 40th anniversary celebration. These Ruby Anniversary Cups feature an elegant ruby red damask pattern surrounding the base of the cup on a crisp white background. These durable hot/cold cups are a
  • Price: $3.39
  • Ruby Anniversary Foil Balloon
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Metallic balloons add a joyfulness to any event, especially when grouped together with coordinating solid color ribbons and latex balloons in a variety of colors. Our Ruby Anniversary 18 inch Foil Balloon has a red damask pattern atop a ruby red backgrou
  • Price: $3.59
  • Ruby Anniversary Favor Bags
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Surprise your guests as you celebrate 40 years of marriage with a token of your appreciation. Ruby Anniversary Foldover Favor Bags are the perfect choice to contain a small gift of thanks. The deep ruby red background with a red damask pattern and white
  • Price: $4.69
  • Ruby Anniversary Tablecover
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Achieving the perfect table setting for a 40th anniversary event isn't an easy task! With our Ruby Anniversary plastic tablecover,you can make any table in your home or venue the center of attention. Each tablecloth features a bold ruby coloring with an
  • Price: $3.69
  • Ruby Anniversary Banner
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:You've made it 40 years, so why not announce it as big as possible for all your guests to see? The Ruby Anniversary Giant Banner is just what you're looking for! With its crisp white background and stylish ruby red damask pattern along the left and righ
  • Price: $6.99
  • Ruby Anniversary Guest Towels
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Adding an extra special touch has never been easier! Ruby Anniversary Guest Napkins are white with an elegant red damask pattern stretching across each one. These paper hand towels would be perfect for table settings with coordinated solid tableware or
  • Price: $3.19
  • Ruby Anniversary Invitations
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Forty years _ how times flies when you're having fun! Announce your celebration of love to family and friends with our Ruby Anniversary Invites. These gatefold style invitations are an elegant ruby red with a lighter red damask die-cut pattern branching
  • Price: $9.49
  • Ruby Anniversary Centerpiece
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Decorating table tops and buffets has never been easier! The Ruby Anniversary Honeycomb Centerpiece has a stylish and modern look featuring a white tissue paper honeycomb base and a ruby red topper with a lighter red damask pattern accent. To
    give your
  • Price: $5.19
  • Ruby Anniversary Dessert Plates
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Nothing says ñI love youî better than delectable desserts! Ruby Anniversary Dessert Plates are printed on foil stock to add a bit of glamor to your party table. Each disposable paper plate has a deep ruby background with damask pattern in a complementar
  • Price: $3.79
  • Ruby Anniversary Banquet Plates
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Love gave you family, and food can bring that family together to join in the celebration of 40 years of love and marriage. Our Ruby Anniversary Banquet Plates are printed on glimmering foil stock will add an elegance to your family's favorite dishes. Ea
  • Price: $6.19
  • Ruby Anniversary Beverage Napkins
  • Merchant:PartyPail
  • Description:Love burns eternal, and 40 years of marriage is just the start! Our Ruby Anniversary Drink Napkins are white with ruby red damask pattern accents. Each beverage napkin also includes a ñ40th Anniversaryî message printed in ruby red on the upper left corn
  • Price: $3.59

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