What do you do with gifts you don't like?

gifts you hateOh my what an erm ..lovely ..er ..thought ..eeww

People  have very different attitudes when it comes to what to do with that gift that they hate. Before you get on the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ band-waggon, you know there has been a time you received something you hated. You hated it soooo much you couldn’t bear to put it on display, wear it or eat it. You had to do something with it though ..so what did you do?

It is a dilemma for sure 

jealous about a gift
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It was given with much love and the person giving the gift thinks you will love it. If it is a clothing item they want to see you wearing it often. If it is jewelry  from a partner then they expect you to wear it daily! If it is food you must of course gobble it right up there and then while they watch on eagerly. What do you do with the gifts you do not like? Do you have a pre-thought out plan or do you just do whatever seems best at the time?

Examples of what you might do:

  • Re-gift it
  • Take it back to the store and get something else or keep the cash
  • Pop it in the trash
  • Put it in the attic
  • Keep it hidden until the gifter visits then whip it out
  • Give it back to the gifter and ask for something else
  • Give it to charity
  • Give in and ‘love’ the gift despite everything and wear it (or whatever) with pride.
  • Other ..

How do you explain what you’ve done to the person you got the gift from?

Do you ..

  • Hope they never ask about it
  • Lie .. you lost it, it was eaten by the dog, the burglars stole it!
  • Be honest – tell them you returned, re-gifted it etc.
  • Ask them ‘what gift?’
  • Other …

Please do share your ‘hated gift’ strategy! You can do so anonymously 😉

0 thoughts on “What do you do with gifts you don't like?

  1. From grandbabies (a bracelet) – I make sure I wear it whenever they’re around. It is really nice – just doesn’t go with everything.

    From anyone else – I’m sure they’re packed away somewhere. Knick knacks – I’ve been lucky to love everything I’ve gotten. They’re usually on my desk (yes, it is quite cluttered).

    1. Awww that’s so sweet re grandbabies. I tend to wear and show off my kids creations for a while then they go on display then they go in a keepsake box 🙂

  2. I leave it in plain sight and easy reach of my children *insert evil grin here* but if that fails I do the same thing most people do, hide it in the bottom draw or black plastic bag in the wardrobe, or place it in that box in the garage.

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