Holiday and Birthday Gift giving dilemmas

gift questions

I come across gifting dilemmas daily, some of them are listed below. I have found solutions to most and where I have done so I have linked it to the question. If you can’t find the answer to your gifting dilemma, pop it comments below and I will endeavor to resolve it for you.

  1. Do I buy a gift for someone just because they bought one for me?
  2. Do I buy a gift for someone who I know hasn’t and wont buy me one?
  3. I don’t like the gift I received is it ok to return it?
  4. How do I know how much to spend on a gift?
  5. Do I  buy my boss a gift?
  6. Should I buy gifts for my secret crush?
  7. Should I buy my secret crush a gift?
  8. What is a Secret Santa?
  9. How do I wrap a gift?
  10. How do I get guys to buy me gifts
  11. Should I buy gifts for my ex?

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