I recently started dating is it ok to buy them a gift? Q

should i give a girl early into dating

Q: Is the third date too soon to buy him /her a gift?

A: If this is love at first sight who am I to determine how you roll? I will say though that I would consider this too soon in the ‘relationship’ if we can even call it that, to be buying gifts. Receiving gifts should be a welcome surprise but as I have covered on this blog many times before that is not always the case.

The main reason here being one of reciprocity. That is, that the bf/gf will feel obliged to reciprocate with a gift and yet they may not want to. Being obliged to buy gifts and receiving gifts given begrudgingly is not a good way to start a relationship.

If you are really ‘taken’ with this new love interest, you could give them a token something. I myself am guilty of making little ‘gifts’ from Polymer clay for my new love interests. These were not serious gifts, cost next to nothing and I suppose were ‘charming’.  Also given the guys weren’t into arts and crafts there was definitely no expectation there for them to reciprocate with a handmade clay creation!

A guy could present a flower to a girl, a bottle of wine and a girl could present the guy with a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for a great date 😉

Ladies it is very important not to show your ‘hand’ (card game) too soon, same re guys. No one like games yet it remains the case and always will that people want what isn’t easy to attain. Take your time, be respectful and nice and let things progress at a natural pace.

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