Tzolkin Toalpohualli Calendar Poster Print and Meso art gifts by Michael Giza

The tonalpohualli is a Nahuatl word meaning “count of days”. It is a the Aztec version of the 260-day calendar in use in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. This calendar is neither solar nor lunar, but rather consists of 20 (veintenas), 13-day (trecenas) periods. Each trecena is ruled by a different deity. – source Wikipedia

Artist  Michael Giza Bio

I am an artist working mainly in watercolor out of Bristol Connecticut but I have been known to dabble in some digital graphics as well. My taste is all over the place, I can be inspired by meso-american art one day, and art-deco the next so I never know what I will be working on – and that is exactly how I prefer it! My store features my original art and photography.

I stumbled upon Zazzle several years ago and figured that instead of having some of my designs collect dust on the shelf – I could put them to work for me. My work is varied but I’m mostly known for my Suns, Moons and Rainbow designs. Lately I have been playing with creating watercolor wash backgrounds and created a plaid checkerboard pattern that has been fun. Of course one color of plaid was not enough so I had to make the full rainbow of colors for it. I feel that Zazzle is a good outlet for me because I can put my art on many different items and I’m all about variety. Almost all my art is available on cards and postcards as I find these easy to frame for a quick and inexpensive touch of art around the house”.

My favorite items:


Summer Sun Postcard – I was feeling the winter blues one year and had to create this to cheer up the place!


My Rainbow Wash Bandannas – as easy as this wash appears to be – I had to try many times to get everything to blend the way I wanted it.

Rainbow Bandana Bandannas
Rainbow Bandana Bandannas by MichaelGiza
Check out Rainbow Bandana online at zazzle

BBQ Stamps – My plaid really reminded me of summer outings once summer started so I put these together and it sold right away! I was so happy someone appreciated it. I’m working on building up those designs!

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