My GF dictates what she wants for a gifts, is this right? Q

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Q: I would like to surprise my girlfriend with a birthday gift, but she always complains about what I buy her and now she just tells me what she wants and if I don’t get it exactly right she still complains. Is this right?

A: I have my thoughts on this but for now I will throw it out there for my pals to discuss. This is a hot potato for sure and one we must surely all be familiar with, especially if we happen to be the demanding Gf! 😉

4 thoughts on “My GF dictates what she wants for a gifts, is this right? Q

  1. No It’s not really nice for her to dictate what she wants but if you were more thoughtful and listened to what she was saying throughout the year; you may just pick up on some brilliant ideas that she would appreciate. I am sure she would much prefer a surprise gift but it can be disappointing when it is obvious that no real thought or consideration has gone into it.

  2. This is just one small indication of a bigger problem with the relationship! If a person asks, what would you like, there’s nothing wrong with giving suggestions. There’s also nothing wrong with dropping hints *wink wink*. But dictating? And complaining??

  3. I’ve been married 35 years and hubby still doesn’t know instinctively what to get me. I agree it has to do with listening – listening throughout the year. I drop hints about things I “love.” He knows by now what I do not like. But when he decides that I’m going to like something – it’s like he is trying to change my mind. Case in point (and this is after 35 years, mind you), oh, you would love that lawn chair. Me – I don’t want or need a lawn chair. Him – But look at it. It has a cup holder and everything. Me – I have no desire for a lawn chair. Him – I’m going to get it for you.

    He bought it. He sat in it a couple of times. But now it sits in the garden shed. Maybe she’s complaining because you never seem to “get it” – her hints. Are you truly listening?

    I no longer complain. I accept whatever with a smile and move on. He has learned some things I definitely dislike – such as flowers. But I cannot think of a single “surprise” gift that I was truly impressed with. Are you sure you’re listening to what she wants – or are you listening to what she wants and manipulating that into what you think she would really want?

    Try REALLY listening and leave your own “gut” instinct out of it.

  4. LOL! Hubby and I have been together for 12 years and he still has no idea what I like in a gift. I asked him for a video camera once so I could capture those precious moments of the family growing up and he went out and bought the cheapest one he could find, so he could also buy me a picture camera as well, the video and picture quality of these items were horrendous! But I said thank you, gave him a kiss and never said anything of it because I knew what he was trying to do. I just tell him now to take me out to dinner so I don’t have to cook and I save up for the things I want.

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