Top 5 Kids Party Ideas – trending 2015

Here are my Top 5 Trending Kids Party Ideas. I have my ear close to the ground and my finger on the pulse when it comes to these things so I can tell you what’s trending in Kids Party Land!! Also featured are some video tutorials re how to host these parties along with some themed party goodies to get you started!

First up it has to be the (drum rol ….)

1. SELFIE party!! Otherwise known as a Photo Booth Party. The selfie party is a trendy spin on that popular theme. Below is a tutorial showing you how to make your own photo-booth party props. You can turn this into a ‘selfie party’ by simply getting everyone to take their own pics against the backdrop with the props! Easy you don’t even need to hire a photographer.

2. Mad Hatters Tea Party - Tea Parties have been trending for a while but the new kid on the block is the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Alice in Wonderland is trending in many areas re fashion and jewelry and she has spilled over into party land. The movie industry has a lot to do with this also.

3. Laser Tag - This is a painless version of paintball ( I've been there!) and is great fun for kids of all ages. Boys LOVE these parties and it burns off their energy ready for the reception afterwards.

4. Spa Parties - these are the modern spin on the slumber party. Girls both young old get together for some fun pampering, hair makeup and gossip.

5. Cupcake Baking Party - cake decorating has never been more popular and don't be put off by all that pink icing, this is a party theme that will be enjoyed by young boys and girls alike. Who doesn't like cupcakes?

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