What to do with gifts my fans buy me? – Q

how to regiftQ – I get a lot of gifts from my fans is it ok to give them to a friend?

A – It’s not often I get a question about what to do with an excess of gifts from fans 🙂

If you are fortunate enough to afflicted by an excess of gifts that you are unable to store due to sheer volume or perhaps don’t need or want them, I would suggest the following action:

Pop a notice up on your fan pages (I should be so lucky!!) thanking fans for all their wonderful gifts but ask that instead of forwarding gifts in the future (as you really do have enough of everything) suggest they make a donation to a named charity and include a link. You could follow that up with a message to confirm any gifts forwarded to you would be donated to worthy causes.

You may consider your friend to be such a worthy cause! That part is up to you. Re-gifting is pretty common practice but in your case I think it’s perhaps worthwhile to let people know not to send anymore gifts. Discourage the practice so to speak.

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