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This is the story behind this awesome expression 🙂
“A few summers ago, 12 minutes into the first day of summer, Craig walked into the kitchen and two of my three kids were crying and we’d already run out of fun summer activities. In 12 minutes. All summer long, Craig and I would look at each other and smile and take a deep breath together and say, “No problem. Totally not going to freak out. I am So Zen. So Zen.” This was our mantra all summer: “Totally not freaking out. So Zen.”
One day, Amma threw one of her tantrums that we lovingly refer to as “Amma-geddon.” I let Amma yell in her room for a few minutes, and then I put on my riot gear, opened her door and said, “Honey, as soon as you calm down, I can start your time-out timer, and you’ll be able to join us again. You just need to stop freaking out first.” And Amma yelled back at me- “ I AM TOTALLY NOT FREAKING OUT. I AM SUZANNE!!! IIIIIII AMMMMMM SUUUUUUZAAAAAAAAAAANNNE!”
Suzanne. That’s what she thought we were saying all summer. I am Suzanne. Yes. Absolutely, friends. You may borrow this mantra whenever you need it. Mamas and Daddies – today- YOU ARE TOTALLY NOT FREAKING OUT. YOU. ARE. SUZANNE. Keep this mug with you all summer to remind yourselves.”
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