Cute Strange Creature Gifts by Borianag – evil flower bug

This adorably evil flower bug character was brought to my attention by a fellow Zazzler. I loved this grungy little fellow so much I have decided to create a feature for him … or is it her??
The designer describes this evil bug thus:Evil Bug Gives Flower Womens Tshirts

“Dark funny gothic black evil bug who gives a flower to someone, on dark vintage texture. This evil illustration will appeal to someone who likes the gothic style and dark, quirky illustrations. It is ideal for bringing the Halloween spirit. This evil character is a part of the family of the Evil flower bug – a grinning cartoon character who often goes through its adventures holding a quirky flower.”  How can you not love it! 🙂

Jailed Kingpin Evil Monster iPad Mini CoverAnother awesome character from Designer Borianag which I love is the ‘jailed Kingpin evil monster’ accessories 🙂 Take a look

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