Mermaid Gifts and Parties Trending Thanks to Kim Kardashian

Mermaid giftsApparently Kim Kardashian posted a pic of her daughters having mermaid lessons from a real-life mermaid at St Barts. A real life mermaid?? I think if there was a real-life mermaid even Kim Kardashian would be sidelined to page 2 for that story! I do not like to dissappoint however and as I am myself a Pisces (lover of all things water) and ‘mermaid-like’ ( I have the unique ability to float without treading water indefinitely in a fully vertical position) I am naturally a big fan of mermaid mythology.

Mermaid costumesEspecially popular right now are mermaid tail costumes! You can even buy adorable mermaid tail blankets, crochet style which are adorable. For boys they have the shark ‘eating’ them type of sleeping blanket. So they’re not being left out. Not exactly a merman though!!

Disney Mermaid Ariel is of course always popular, and there are tons of wonderfully cute gifts and party supplies for Ariel fans. Including some that can be personalized!

Take a peep at my handpicked mermaid, costume, accessories, party supplies and gifts. Great reviews!

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