JRock Visual Kei – Tomas Mascinskas rocks Tokyo Street fashion in the UK

I was super excited when I came across Tomas Mascinskas on Facebook and I swear I thought he was based in Tokyo because he is totally rocking JRock Visual Kei fashion like no other I have seen in the West!! No argument right?
He has given me permission to post some of his awesome Visual Kei selfies here and took part in an interview. So I am pleased to introduce (drum rollllllllll) Tomas Mascinskas, aged 25 from Kaunas, now living in London UK.

Tomas describes his fashion style as JRock based – Visual Kei, Oshare, Punk, Rock and a bit of Gangster (Bandanas , vests and shorts).

His style in one word is ‘Visual’, it’s all about impacting the visual senses with an explosion of pattern, shape and movement. He customizes clothes to create his unique look.

Tomas has tattoos and a few piercings and is really rocking that whole Tokyo Street fashion look.

Fashion houses in the West are always looking to Tokyo now for inspiration, so if you see something really visual and somewhat ingenious you can bet it came from the streets of Japan first and this is why its called ‘Street Fashion’. These looks are game changers ans you’ll be seeing more of them in the future in the West but for now we’re looking to peeps like Tomas to lead the revolution and bring them to us before the Fashion houses take them as their own.

Tomas isn’t just a fashion revolutionary he is also a  graduate in digital animation and programing, photographer and editor of TMProjection. His video shorts are every bit as exciting and dynamic as his fashion sense and you’re missing out if you don’t check out his talent here:

Tomas is also in Band (of course) called GaMa and you’ll be hearing more from him re that in the future. And now, some awesome pics featuring Thomas and pals.

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