How to Design a New Home Layout

Designing Your New Home – Mistakes to Avoid

By Karina Popa

It’s quite exciting to engage with custom home builders to plan and design your new house. You should be able to tailor every aspect of your property to match your liking and lifestyle, though at times it may lead to a few unforeseen and unusual errors, resulting to unnecessary expenses and pains. Here are some hints to avoid those:

Planning space requirements

The most important aspect of any design of a house is its functionality. It’s a brilliant idea to include a walk-in closet in your bedroom, but it may occupy too much of space. Perhaps, that space could be better utilized by having a more expansive room or the bathroom adjacent to it. These are but a few subjects, needing serious thoughts on your part when considering designs with home builders.

Things become simpler if you are able to decide whether utility or expansiveness is more important for you. You need to look at factors like the size of your family, location of your house plus the climate of the area containing your house for deciding if a pool is more practical for you.

Positioning of rooms

It is vital to select the correct location of various rooms. Custom house builders can make great suggestions for the positioning of any room, but they may overlook some of the practical aspects of utilizing that room. For instance, a bedroom next to the main living area or with a wall common to the garage may not be a good idea, as the noise produced may disturb your sleep when you needed it the most.

Likewise, you should consider an optimum positioning for you laundry room. It need not be in a far off corner in the basement, causing the dragging of heavy laundry bags through different rooms at different levels. Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to position a kitchen close to the garage so that you don’t need to travel long carrying groceries with you? For doing some of your essential household tasks, you shouldn’t be required to travel through the entire house. While deciding the positioning of any room, visualize being in that area.

Avoid exceeding your budget

It is important not to exceed your budget. Even if you find the builder convincing you that the entire process will prove to be costlier, you shouldn’t give up or compromise with your designing objectives. A house that is well-planned certainly requires a lot of planning. Whenever you want to include any feature, you should check if the same is available at economical prices. For instance, when looking for lighting, you may find a number of online stores offering ten to thirty percent discount on buying all your requirements with easily available coupons. Couple of such savings can help saving substantial sum of money. If you stick to this habit, you may even be able to build your house for less than its budget.

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