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Four Ways to Get Creative With Picture Framing
By Alfred Ardis

Over the years, it’s common to accumulate a large number of photographs, mementos, and prints to liven up the shelves, walls, and mantles of the house. However, with so many of these images lying around it can be difficult to know what to do with them all; picture framing can be expensive, but photographs and posters tend to look messy and cluttered when pinned to the wall with thumbtacks. Fortunately, there are endless possibilities when it comes to framing and displaying your keepsakes. Here are four tips to get you started.

1. Collage Your Clutter

Most people have boxes full of uniformly-sized family photos that they simply don’t know what to do with. Why not breathe some life into the memories of your loved ones by purchasing a larger style of frame and making a creative collage? Much like scrapbooking, photo collages are only limited by your imagination. Use ribbon, rubber stamps, decorative tape, or even glitter to tie your artwork together.

2. Time for Inspiration

By far one of the most eye-catching ways to exhibit your favorite photos, trinkets, and works of art is with a wall-mounted image clock. This novel decor idea involves placing 12 framed images in a circle on one of the wall’s of your home and installing a battery-operated set of clock hands that will keep time around them. This great decorating concept works well in offices, studies, and craft rooms; you can use the clock as a way to keep track of the hour while being inspired by your favorite artworks, quotations, or other images.

3. Frames aren’t Just for Photos

Are you a bit of a hoarder? Chances are you have a collection of some sort. Whatever you collect, it’s probably gathering dust in a drawer or cabinet, making it hard to access and impossible to show off. Remember: picture framing isn’t just for artwork! Add some personality to your walls when you use frames as display cases for your collectibles.

4. Create a Feature Wall

If you have a number of photographs and prints that you would like to display, why not dedicate one wall in your living room or entranceway to showcasing them? This picture framing technique makes the whole wall your canvas–best of all, it doesn’t matter if the images vary in shape and size, nor that they are spaced unevenly. This approach to design looks great when positioned next to a staircase, as you can appreciate each picture individually as you ascend and descend the stairs. You can even save money by thrifting small, unusual frames.

These are just four ways to use picture framing in a unique way to brighten up your interior design–but there are many more! Start sorting through those old boxes of vacation photographs and magazine clippings, and put your creativity to work.

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