How to maximize space in a small bedroom

Space Saving Ideas for small rooms by LeahG

My house is a small 3 bed terraced home and all of the rooms are a tidy size however one of the bedrooms is exceptionally small. There is standing room for one only. I have been researching ideas about creating more storage and work space without boxing the occupant in!

As small rooms and storage is a common problem I thought I would share with you some of my ideas as well as some I have found online.

  1. Doors – replace with curtains
small bedroom storage
Small bedroom storage

One very useful idea is replacing opening wardrobe or cupboard doors with sliding doors or curtains. The reason for this being that when you have doors that open outwards you need ‘clearance’ for that door. This can limit your use of space.

A budget solution to this is extension rods (for shower curtains or net curtains) which require NO fitting. They are quite strong and come in lengths up to 3m. I use one as a  lounge room divider!

The curtains I use for this purpose are shower curtains. Not the very plastic, shiny kind but those that have a fabric feel and hang nicely. For a child’s room, you can really brighten up the space with a fun patterned, themed shower curtain. In my sons tiny bedroom, he has a nautical theme and so I added a bold beach towel type striped shower curtain in red, blue, white stripes. With matching quilted bedspread, this works really well.

You can create a room divider, door replacement for as little as £20 , $30 depending on the sizes required with this solution.

small bedroom storage ideas2. Underbed storage – best uses

For me underbed storage isn’t very useful unless it is easy to access. For long-term storage I prefer to vaccum wrap items and store them in the loft space (attic) or garage etc. But for frequent use, if it’s under the bed, I need to easily access it. So … can we access it?

In my sons room yes we can. I have used various storage solutions for underneath his bed over the years and for different purposes. I have used old drawers from drawer units. I have used proper underbed storage boxes (plastic usually and very cheap) and I’ve used the fabric storage boxes you can get from places like Ikea. I have stored his underwear under his bed and other clothing that can be folded. I presently store some of his gadgets and other items there as we have a better clothes solution! Woop woop. But for the time we did store the clothes under the bed, it was perfectly fine. He had easy access and a lot of items could easily be stored there.

Some beds of course come with built-in underbed storage. You can also buy cabin beds which offer a raised bed with space below for cupboards drawers and sometimes a desk! I personally can’t fit one of these beds in my sons room. It really IS that small.

3. Creating clothes hanging space

I have a novel solution when it comes to hanging clothes. Most clothing rails run from left to right. This means that when the clothes are hung they need space (depth) for them to hang comfortably. This increases the required depth of the unit. In my sons room he has a space which previously couldn’t accommodate clothes because the depth is too shallow at little over 8inches. I have however overcome this problem recently by attaching a short rod (no more than 8inches) so it protrudes outwards from the wall. Like they do in shops. A redundant shop fitting would be great for this purpose. This allows me to hang maybe 8 items comfortably. The garment faces forwards not sideways and as such requires less space in terms of ‘depth’.

4. In summer pack your winter clothes away

I have far too many clothes and I save space by putting my winter clothes into storage (and vice versa) when the warmer weather comes. Same re winter boots and shoes, coats etc. They can be vacuum wrapped and carefully stored elsewhere until the season changes. This is a great space saver. The only problem is, if you’re like me .. you forget you stored it and just go shopping when the weather changes!

5. Overbed storage

The last thing you want is something you might bang your head on when rising from your bed so if you do have overbed storage cupboards ensure they’re high enough for you NOT to bang your head on them. If there isn’t enough height, you can still have overbed storage that fits down the feet end of the bed which won’t get in the way.

6. Create an illusion of space with mirrored walls

illusion of space in small bedroom

Mirrored wall are great for doubling your room size (visually only) as seen in this pic. I used plastic mirror panels for the wardrobes in my room to add ‘space’ and to redirect the light in the room. it worked really well. Plastic mirrors are much lighter than real glass and easy to install. This image features a mandarin pod type room. 

7. Fold down table top attached to the wall

As a child in our family kitchen we had a table which was fixed to the wall. When not in use it folded flat against the wall. This is a great way to have the benefit of a table without it taking up space all of the time. A few basic DIY skills are required here.

8. Have Tv’s fixed to the wall 

Hotels nearly always have the TV’s mounted on brackets to the wall or fitted flat against the wall. They do this to save space. If you do this,  no table or unit space is required to hold it allowing you to use your table top!

This concludes my storage solutions for a small bedroom. If you have more ideas please do share them here!


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