How to Tell What Breed My Rabbit Is …Guide

How to tell what breed your Rabbit is

how to tell what breed of rabbit you have
White Lop Eared Rabbit owned by LeahG

With the help of the lovely crazy bunny moms and dads over at the Rabbit owners Facebook Group I have created this gallery of rabbit breeds to help you to identify what type of rabbit you have.

If you have a rabbit that you are still unsure about, drop me a line via a comments and send a pic to me via and I’ll see if I can find out what rabbit breed it is for you.


Rabbit Breed Guide Books – for the Bunny Collector!

Belgian hare
Handsome Belgium Hare owned by Gemini Waterhouse

This gorgeous Belgium Hare is owned by Gemini Waterhouse.

Gemini has this to say about this breed:
“Not for beginners. Like a bunny version of a greyhound. Need way more exercise than smaller bunnies. Are very big- I had one that was 1m tall when stretched up on his hindlegs. They come in five colours; normal, like Firefly, which isn’t really found in other breeds, black, red eyed white, black and tan, and blue and tan”.

Black and Tan Hare
Black and Tan Hare called Sage. Also owned by Gemini.


Dutch rabbit black and white
Dutch Rabbit owned by Tess Chatterson


veveteen lop rabbit
Velveteen Lop owned by Lorie Haley


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit owned by Alyssa Hart


Holland Lop Rabbit grey
Holland Lop owned by Jade Gareauu


Double Mane Lionhead Rabbit Grey
Lionhead Rabbit owned by Heather


More wonderful Rabbit breeds by the members of Rabbit Owners Facebook Group

Netherland Dwarf  owned by Jessica Rose Davey

netherland dwarf

English Lop owned by Helen Harper 

English Lop

Mini Lop owned by Candy Zampach

Mini Lop

 Lionhead owned by Amy Greenan
lionhead rabbit

Double maned Lionhead owned by Amy Greenan

 double maned lionhead

Cross Lionhead English Spot owned by Amy Greenan

Cross Lionhead English Spot owned by Amy Greenan

American Fuzzy Mix and Holland Lop owned by Brienna Smith

American Fuzzy Mix and Holland Lop owned by Brienna Smith

Pure Beveren by  Alexa Bigby Pure Beveren


Pure New Zealand by Alexa Bigby

Pure New Zealand by Alexa Bigby

Half Beveren and Half New Zealand owned by Alexa Bigby – above are mum and dad!!

Half Beveren and Half New Zealand owned by Alexa Bigby

Harlequin New Zealand Rex mix. Right is Holland Lop owned by Chelsea Ruedy


Polish Bun owned by Georgia Craigie

 Polish Bun owned by Georgia Craigie

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