How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website Today

Learn how to attract more traffic to your website without draining your bank account in AD fees

If you’re like me and you have an online business you’re jumping through hoops trying to get more targetted traffic to your website. As such I thought I’d share with you this very straightforward article on attracting visitors to your website as well as some other online website help resources.

Edit:I’ve added a few more articles which are pretty comprehensive for ease of finding them! Might be good to bookmark for future reference. Tips on converting readers into buyers, how to convert social media readers into website visitors and so on. All good stuff and new on web last couple of days.

If you want more detailed help re making your website sparkle on the web, check out Amazon’s best selling books and guides on how to increase website traffic.

How to Send Traffic to Your Website 2 – Paid Methods
David Udofort



I am going to outline over six paid methods of getting traffic to your website where you are selling your product.

The website may be a full website, or just a blog, or even a third party website (in which case the company and their affiliates selling your product will do the job for you in their own ways which may or may not include those on discussion here.


To discuss the effective paid methods to generate traffic to your website or blog.

To point out where to start spending your ads budget on paid methods as a beginner.

To provide useful resources (links) to help learners catch on as fast as possible


There actually so many ways of driving traffic which can never be exhausted in our discussion in one chapter. Besides, more new ways are even cropping up almost on a daily basis.

However, one thing is certain, wherever you loaded your product for sell, you will need streams of traffic to appraise your product for possible purchases.

Some of these methods are fast and easy but others will take sometimes to yield returns but you need to apply all of them in your short- and long-term profit planning strategy.

You may also have to experiment on them one after the other to decide which ones are effective in the market niche of your choice.

As stated in the last chapter, it may be after you have made enough cash with the free methods that you may decide to scale up your business using these paid methods. You may also decide to go on the fast lane to success.

Then go ahead with them ab initio if you have a good budget and want a breakthrough as soon as possible.

But until you master them, I have a word of caution here for you.

Take them one after the other, master each one very well before you go on to the next. That way, you won’t burn out your cash too fast without meaningful returns on your investment.

The following are places that you can spend your advertising dollars with good monetary returns.

3.1 Social Media





All the above listed social media have paid as well as free versions of advertising. The good thing about them is that they can be relatively cheaper as well as very effective in terms of returns on investment of the advertising dollars.

Facebook for instance can bring unlimited traffic even for as low as $0.01 cents. And it is very easy to use it.

Browse for FACEBOOK ADS AUTHORITY, learn how to set it up and apply it in your business and you will see steady hike in profits from month to month in your business.

3.2 Build Email List

Frankly speaking, if you are a marketer without an email list you are running a hobby, you are not jet in business.

Well, you can make some money here and there from time to time, but if you want to have steady stream of income from your online business that will give you a decent living, please set up your mailing list as soon as possible. By now, it goes without saying that, money is in the list, I am sure you have heard this many times before.

3.3 Start a self-hosted Website or Blog

By now it must be clear from our discussion that if you have your own product to sale online, it is better to utilize a multi-prong approach to marketing it online.

This means even though you set it up on a 3rd-party website for sell, you should also set up at another website where you are in control of everything. This is a good idea as the other website may de-list your product at any time with or without giving you notice or even explanations.

But at your own website you can set you terms and conditions to suit you, use multi-approach to marketing like OTO, Downsell or Upsell to suit your business whims and caprices. Blogging about your product also provides other streams of income and independent avenues to discuss with your clients. This will provide useful inputs for the revised version of the product.

3.4 Pay Per Click – AdSense

One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website is by using Google Search Console to submit your URLs. This is an insane way to drive traffic to your website.

It is an insane way because instead of you paying for the traffic, the traffic will be paying to you. Google AdSense when used correctly in this manner, though a free tool, will work inversely to pay you for the traffic that comes to visit your page instead of you paying for it.

See this article and the accompanying links to learn how to set it up correctly for it to bring paying traffic to your website to see your product:

Google ‘Clicks and Impressions Tips to increase traffic to your website’ may also be useful in a way if you care.

3.5 Google AdWords

This is the science of internet marketing advertisement. The method is precision-proven in that it can work in any market niche and in online or offline business.

Perry Marshall is the number one global renowned teacher of this subject you can Google for his free video if you want to know more.

3.6 Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should go beyond free ezines that you are using to submit articles with your review page links and a resource box.

At the professional level, you should be doing serious things such as discussed in this article, and those cited herein.

Kissmetrics also share some insights on ’17 Advanced Methods For Sharing Your New Piece of Content’

3.7 Host a Free Seminar and Sell Your Product

This is the apex of internet marketing and whatever the marketing approach you are using, aim at finally landing at this topmost method, gotomeeting is one of the easiest to use platform.

It is a paid platform, but it also comes with initial 30-days free trial period. You can check online for other platforms.

Though the seminar is meant to be free for attendants, there is nothing that stops you from marketing one or two, usually, the high-end product in your marketing funnel.

Seek some guide if you are not a techie. This approach to marketing can be quite rewarding.

3.8 Copy Other Marketers

One of the beauty of internet business is that trends changes often and can be very swift. The few marketers to learn the new tricks early always benefit immensely. So always keep your fingers crossed and peep from time to time to see what others, particularly, the Masters, are doing in the marketplace.

Sell your products and run your website or blog the way others are doing and you won’t be left behind. The easiest way to do this is to join other peoples’ list, forum, even membership sites where they spill the beans in this business.

This way you can adopt their own approach while also adding your own twixt, specialty and talent to make your methods unique.


The taste of the pudding, they say, is in the tasting. After implementing these simple but powerful methods to rake in profits into your bank account, you are now ready to take your business to the next level – which is Automation.


I carefully decided to outline only these few methods of driving traffic for a good reason: to avoid Information Overload.

As you set out to practice them you will see how powerful these methods are in jumpstarting your business. In fact, you do not need gazillion ways to drive traffic to your website in order to make your business profitable.

Just take one method at a time, master it and then proceed to the next one. You will soon realize from your practical experience that one or two methods are enough to build your business to a profitable level.


Start with Facebook. Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to promote your business.

David Udofort has been doing Internet Business for over 10 years now. He wants to share his experience and possibly help you on your way to Online Business success. That is why this course is offered for free. You can check on one of his blog here for useful online business resources: no-cost-income-stream

Article Source: How to Send Traffic to Your Website 2 – Paid Methods

How To Send Traffic To Your Website 1 – Free Methods
By David_Udofort

3.3 Free Traffic Methods



Article Directories





Guest Blogging and Vice Versa

Go Mobile

Peep on your competition


After setting up your product whichever way you want as discussed in chapter 12, your salesletter and maybe a couple of email swipes for your personal and affiliates’ uses, what is the next thing to do in your bid to enjoy the profits from your business, the profits that you have been working for for umpteenth number of hours now.

Your guess is as good as mine:

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!


– to discuss free ways to get traffic to your website.

– to discuss reason why a beginner with a bootstrap budget should start his business with free traffic.

– to introduce more online resources that will help the beginner to use free traffic correctly to get the expected results.


I have already noted in previous chapters the importance of traffic to your online business. And that there are two kinds of traffic that you can bring to your websites to keep your business thriving and profitable.

They are: free traffic and paid traffic.

Both kinds are needed for your business to survive in the short-run and in the long-run.

3.1 Why Free Traffic

But in the short run, you should go for free traffic, particularly if your business has a bootstrap budget or you are just experimenting to see if and how thing will work out before investing massively on your vision. Free traffic is actually the shortcut to success in every startup online business and you should never ignore this.

In this chapter I am going to examine the various types of free traffic options that are open to you as a beginner. But let me also add here bypassing that even top flight and experienced internet marketers sometimes resort to these free methods in order to increase their profit index, so do not take these methods for granted, because they are so powerful.

As internet businessman, it will not take long before you realize that all marketers, online and offline, are chanting one song and one chorus: my product – buy, buy, buy.

There seems to be one consensus among internet marketers – to look down on free online tools, which actually are in abundance as far as this business is concern. But you are a man and not a boy, so you should know better.

Thus if you hold them in suspect for their snobbish attitude towards these free online tools – you are entitled to your own opinion, true or false?

That being said, the truth that is worth repetition here, if only but once, is that free online tools are all over the place, they are there for the little guy like you who is struggling to kickstart his new business and his newfound vision. As he masters the art, he can choose which of the tools to upgrade or downgrade.

3.2 The Correct Ways to Use It

Shsssssssh… do not say to anybody that I divulge this highly guarded secret of the GURUS to you: some of them are still using these free tools and methods in their own businesses till tomorrow, because it is highly efficient just as the paid ones – only if you know the correct ways to use them.

Now, show me a man with the usual grey matter who will be given free tools and shown how to use it correctly to make profits in his business but he dumps them for the paid ones?



3.3 Free Traffic Methods

Now let us go on to explore the free sources of traffic that you can use skillfully to make profits in your business from the onset of your business.

There are actually innumerable number of free resources that you can use to bring countless number of eyeballs easily to see your product on your site, but I will only examine the common ones here. Some of them you may already be acquainted with, but I will only add the profit angle to the social angle that you know them for.

They are:


I know most people reading this now have an account at Facebook. If not go there now and sign up. It only take your email and password: then start posting and then make friends. BUT DO NOT SPAM.

Only aim at increasing your social interactions and later skillfully get them across to see your product or services. When they are familiar with you, business comes across quite easily.


This is second most popular search engine after Facebook, so any serious online businessperson by now should be using it to promote is business. Open a channel and post short 2 – 5 minutes videos that has a link to your product, affiliate products or your website.

At the end of your video make sure you have a strong call to action, add free gift to encourage them to go and sign up for your gift. The topic of your video must include a well-researched keyword.

Articles Directories

Type into your browser: article directories, it will return multiple directories for you to choose from. The most popular among them are EzineArticles, GoArticles, among others. Just sign up and post your articles with your links (2 only) and your resource box and traffic will visit your sites and offers in droves.


Marketing at Twitter can be very rewarding. Their account like other social media is free, you only need your email which you already have and a password. Then make friends, create group and become an authority in a certain marketing niche. Share some relevant, newsworthy and usual links and curated contents in your area of authority. Join discussions and send hash tags of influencers (popular people) to your friends and you will soon land a sale. But make sure you don’t SPAM.


This is a photo/video centric social media and learning to use it can take your business to the next level. Many business people are jet to deploy this powerful business tool and only this fact can be a game changer for your business in a environment that has over 400 million users.

Please check out (online) this brief guide: Instagram for Business – Everything You Need to Know – Shannon Gausepohi


This work just like your normal email. You start by building your audience, friends, and then use snapchat to relate with them as well as marketing as you go along. Also Google for Snapchat for Entrepreneurs.


Though a social network, it allows you to promote your business freely. The secret of success is to optimize your page and link it to your blog if you have any. Post regularly and also follow other popular and influential bloggers.

Use hootsuite to link your blog to LinkedIn so that your blog posts can be published automatically. Only few people using LinkedIn know how to make it run their business promotions since it was initially used for finding new jobs. This means if you know how to use the site to skillfully market your business, you will have more hits and sales than using Facebook and YouTube.

Guest Blogging and Vice-Versa

Another free traffic secret is to be a quest blogger at another person’s blog while also allowing other experts to be your guest blogger.

But keep in mind for this strategy to be successful in bringing traffic to your website, you must blog at a sites that are relevant to your market niche.

Jayson Demers’ article can be very useful in the process of implementing this strategy in your business: ‘The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Business By Guest Blogging’ Google for it online now.

Go Mobile

Endeavour to optimize your web page for mobile phone as about one quarter of mobile phones are smart phones by the time I am writing this chapter, and will be higher by the time you are reading it.

If the web page you store your product is mobile friendly you will enjoy copious traffic from mobile phone users. Experts can help you to do this for pennies at Fiverr.

Peep on Your Competition

Neither be afraid nor forget about your competition. In online business competition can be very useful means of finding out where the money are. See what they do and go where they go and come back with wisdom that will enable you to run your business profitably.

This piece of software: buzzsumo, can help you to do that with precision.

See what it can do for you below, search term: big data. You can replace that with your search terms and search.

These are not meant to be exhaustive sources of getting free traffic to see and buy your product from your website, but even only you can put these few to correct uses, you will make more than abundant profit in your business to start with as you go on to consider other free sources.

To be frank, it is not a matter of which sources of free traffic that you are using to sell your product, it is the level of proficiency demonstrated in using these resources. Just pick one after the other and get a video on how to set up and sell in those sites and it will not take long before you realize how powerful a business tool each of them is.

3.4 Break Time…

My Undergraduate Project

In fact, it is for this reason that I postulated in my undergraduate project that no member of Homo sapiens sapiens specie of the 21st century should have anything to do with unemployment and poverty.


Because they are all surrounded with assorted and extremely wonderful personal computers never witnessed before in the entire human history – from high-end phones, iPhones, and iPads to iOffices in iCars, iTrains, iPrivate Jets and back to iHomes.

Can you beat that?

They only need to figure out how to creatively use these jumbo personal computers that luckily became their portion, in a business sense and not just for liability-prone liability-laden (by Rich Dad Poor Dad definition and not the Accounting or Economic sense) socializations.

Now you can go ahead and use them to eradicate your unemployment, underemployment and poverty now.

You can even make yourself unemployable if you like that!

Break Time Over.


Free traffic sources is one of the best option to use and test-run your new online business. They can still convert if skillfully employed. Therefore listen to the Masters and apply the recommendations in those resources introduced here.


It is only when your business is getting profitable and you are also conversant with the whole picture that you may want to scale up your business.

This is talking about your next level in your strategic business plan.


Otherwise, pick a paid online tools with a detached emotion. They may not necessarily be the better option that you envisaged.


Sign up on Facebook (if you do not have any account by now.) Learn how to post on your home page.

Go on and do the same on other resources listed in this chapter. One after the other, also use the links here, to learn more about how to use them for your online business.

David Udofort has been doing Internet Business for over 10 years now. He wants to share his experience and possibly help you on your way to Online Business success. That is why this course is offered for free. You can check on one of his blog here for useful online business resources: no-cost-income-stream

Article Source: How To Send Traffic To Your Website 1 – Free Methods

Another great article here on how to convert your visitors into buyers

How Can You Sell More Products Online?
By Jon Allo

If you want your business to sell products online, it involves more than putting products onto your website and then just sitting back waiting for people to buy. There’s a lot we can learn from Amazon, the king of online e-commerce. They have a formula that all internet businesses can follow and copy.

1. Reviews

A review system allows customers to leave their personal comments ratings on your products. This effective for an online business selling products because it increases a customer’s trust of you and your brand. Don’t be concerned about negative feedback. Research shows that mixed feedback is more respected than just positive views alone. A review system also helps potential customers make the decision to buy. If you were looking to buy something that had plenty of positive reviews, it’s not going to be hard to decide what to do.

2. Personalize

This means more than showing a customer’s name when they log in. When customers are looking for products on your website, show them suggestions and recommendations in specific categories. This process can be done on your website with third-party add-ons and plug-ins.

3. Up-Sells And Cross-Sells

An up-sell is where you encourage a customer to buy a more expensive item. A cross-sell is where you show related products or accessories. These techniques increase perceived value to the customer. When customers are offered bundles or related products, it makes the shopping experience more convenient. It saves them time looking for these items and even suggesting things they may not have thought of.

This is not a case of manipulating customers. Those who don’t want it won’t buy it. Those who do buy believe they got a good deal and a quality shopping experience.

4. Create A Sense Of Urgency

If you create a sense of urgency in the mind of the buyer they are more likely to make a decision. For example, phrases next to products like “Only 2 remain in stock” or “Order within 2 hours for delivery tomorrow.” This motivates the buyer into taking action.

5. Customer Service

Online customers are hooked up to social media, looking at reviews and will comment about both good and bad experiences before and after buying products online. Customer service must be a top priority if you want to be successful in selling products online. Make product returns easy to do and take the time to analyze and fulfill customer needs.

There is one thing that you need to get right when you’re selling products online. Quite simply, it’s trust. Money is very personal and your audience must trust you to give you their hard earned cash.

Here are 8 ways you can earn that trust to make it easier to sell online:





Turning Your Social Media Connections Into Clients
By Michael Cohn

You have probably been able to establish a large number of connections through social media. Many of those connections have actually turned into valuable relationships. If you are an intelligent business owner, which there is no doubt that you are, you have developed those relationships and have moved toward turning those people into loyal clients whenever possible.

Assume nothing

The truth is that you are faced with some challenges when it comes to turning business connections into loyal clients. They are certainly not one and the same and you may have to work hard at the relationship in order to produce the results that you want.

Relationships are not always easy to cultivate and there will be some relationships that start out looking like they will last for a very long time but then fizzle out for one reason or another. The fact is that not all relationships are meant to last. When it comes to establishing and cultivating relationships through social media, that can prove to be even more challenging. However, it is certainly far from impossible. In fact, you can can accomplish pretty much anything that you set out to accomplish. It is just a matter of going about it in the right way.

As powerful a tool as social media is for your business, you still need to approach it in a sensible, methodical, organized manner in order for you to achieve the results that you are seeking. The relationships that you share with other people through social media need to be nurtured properly and remember that nothing good ever comes from rushing.

Human connections need love and caring so remember to approach it in just that way. It will definitely serve you well to do so. At this point, you may be wondering where you begin such as process. Well, the following is a sequence of logical steps that will benefit you and your business.

  • Expand your reach to your target audience members: Although quality over quantity is definitely the way to go, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t increase the number of social media connections that you do have. It all depends on how many connections you actually have. However, it is always beneficial to bring new people into your social media circles whom you feel are beneficial to what you are doing. The truth is that the more valuable social media connections you have, the better your chances will be that those people will tell other people about you and your business. It doesn’t get any better than that. Most businesses (and, most likely, your business falls into that same category) rely on word-of-mouth to become more successful. It is reasonable to assume that.


  • Make the most out of what you and other people are sharing: As you develop meaningful relationships with other people through social media, it is natural that those other people will want to share your valuable content with other people whom they know and trust. You want to make the most out of those opportunities whenever you can. Your content should be written in such a way that it draws a lot of attention. If it draws a lot of attention and is deemed valuable, other people will be more than happy to pass it on. Let them do the work for you. In fact, you are the only one who can’t do that. They can speak about you and your business in the most glowing of terms but they are the only ones who can. That is free publicity for you.


  • Get involved with the algorithms of the your social media channels: A lot of the popular social media channels have ways to choose which content is posted and which is not. It is a way for the social media channels to eliminate (or, at least, reduce) what is being posted online. However, that also helps you and your business because it is far less distracting for the readers if they don’t have such a volume of content through which to sift. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, a great deal of the content is not worth reading. With that in mind, it is extremely important for you to learn what content is appropriate to post an d what is not. The information is out there for you.


  • Consider real-time as an aspect of your marketing strategy: In this age of instant responses (and instant gratification), real-time is a recipe for success. When a person makes a comment or asks a question online, he or she is very happy if the response comes right away. Of course, that isn’t always possible but you should try to make that happen whenever you can. That is a sure way to strengthen your relationships with other people online. You should incorporate information that is not only current but that is actually happening right now. People will find it compelling and will respond right away in many cases.


  • Write content that will entice other people to respond: There is absolutely no doubt that your content is amazingly well written and exciting (not to mention, valuable). However, that is not enough. It also has to affect other people in such a way that they do whatever you are asking them with your call-to-action and clicking through. That is the first step to interacting with you. At that point, you will be on your way to establishing a solid relationship together.


If you follow the advice that has been offered here, you have a good chance of turning your social media connections into loyal clients. You establish the relationship, nurture that relationship, and, along with that you build trust, credibility, and the other person will regard you as the expert in your field. You should try to stay connected with people through all of your social media channels, which will help your relationships to grow and, eventually, your connections will become clients. Of course, once you have established the relationship, you will need to work at solidifying it more and more until you can bring it to the next level.

Michael Cohn is the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CompuKol Communications. He has over 25 years of experience in IT and web technologies. Mr. Cohn spent a significant amount of time at a major telecommunications company, where his main focus was on initiating and leading synergy efforts across all business units by dramatically improving efficiency, online collaboration, and the company’s Intranet capabilities, which accelerated gains in business productivity. He also reduced company travel and travel costs by introducing and implementing various collaboration technologies.

His expertise includes business analysis; project management; management of global cross-matrix teams; systems engineering and analysis, architecture, prototyping and integration; technology evaluation and assessment; systems development; performance evaluation; and management of off-shore development.

Mr. Cohn earned a Master’s degree in project management from George Washington University in Washington, DC; and a Master’s degree in computer science and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.

Mr. Cohn is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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