Personalized Alice In Wonderland Party Bag Ideas

Surprise Your adult Alice In Wonderland Party Guests with how well you know them!


alice in wonderland party bag ideas

Create an individual goodybag for each person.

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Here’s how

What would Alice have had in her party bag do you think when she attended the Mad Hatters Tea Party? Something absolutely bizarre I bet!! Which means for you to have an authentic Alice In Wonderland style party, you should think outside the box and do the same! The items don’t have to be miniature characters from the story, or printed character items. They can be anything you think a Mad Hatter might include.

Alice In Wonderland themed Party Favors

The themed choices for Alice In Wonderland party bags would be an eat me cookie, a drink me’ miniature bottle of something, a magic’ key and a deck of cards. See below

These are pretty fun

You can go this route …. orrrrrrrrrrr

Out of The Box Alice In Wonderland Favor Ideas

Let’s put on our Mad Hatter thinking Caps and decide what to put in those party, goody and gift bags that’s a bit different. I think the Mad Hatter would consider his guests, their unique personalities and then personalize a party bag to accommodate each one of them in some wonderfully bizarre way. If you too could pull this off, you’d be forever remembered as the party hostess with the mostess!!

Personalized Alice In Wonderland Favors and Party Bag Fillers

It’s not too much of a stretch to create personalized versions of the above party bag favors and fillers. If you make your own ‘eat me’ cookies you can easily add a little something extra to each one with colored icing. A hat, some hair ? The keys could be sprayed different colors and attached to a tag that is personal to the guest. The playing cards could be edible cookies also (just the one) and different face values and the bottles could all have labels that reflect different things that may be of unique interest (as a fun gag gift) to the guest such as ‘constipation relief solution’ or ‘wind repellent’ you get the idea!!

If you’re having an Alice In Wonderland themed party please do tell us about it in comments, what great party favors and gift bags do you put together?

And now for some more Alice in Wonderland themed party goodies!


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