World's 1st! Glow In The Dark Mermaid Tail Slumber Bag by Enchantails

Step aside cozy mermaid tail blankets and sleeping bags and make way for the world’s 1st and ONLY Glow In The Dark Slumber Bag by Enchantails!

$103  (£84) at time of writing

I became aware of this unique mermaid gift via Twitter. As a lover of all things mermaid I was of course intrigued and delighted to hear about this enchanting new gift which I predict will be a hit with little girls all around the world. I reckon Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West would adore one!

The Enchantails Slumber Bag which is available in major toys stores and on Amazon (sleeping bag re the UK) is a very unqiue item. It also comes with a ton of extra mermaid themed goodies which make it a very special gift.

“Each bag features a unique tail with rich colors, lush fabrics and glow-in-the-dark thread specific to its Royal Mermaid Daughter and her realm.

All slumber bags come with:

Enchantails mermaid slumber bag sleeping bag amazon

  • Coordinating Easy Carry Tote
  • Beautiful Decorator Pillow
  • Bonus Adventure Chapter Book
  • Wall Decals featuring the matching Royal Mermaid Daughter and her Sea Buddy.

What a glorious slumber party little girls can have, each one with their own glow in the dark enchantails sleeping bag! It beats a mermaid tail blanket surely?

$103 for this set of 5 at time of writing from Amazon. Warning!! Don’t be tempted to buy from eBay sellers, they’re charging a whopping $200 and that to me isnt fair to the creators of this wonderful mermaid accessory.

The Enchantails Story

Tristy Viniello Enchantails Founders were inspired to create this remarkeable mermaid slumber bag by their four daughters. The girls wanted mermaid adventures and the market place didn’t cater much towards their dreams. Any other parent would grab some scissors, paper and glue but not the Viniello’s! Mark Viniello has an impressive 20-plus years in the motion picture industry making animatronics and movie masks, so his approach was to go big! He and his lovely wife Tristy combined forces to bring their daughter’s dream to life! If you can’t find it, make it! 

In their own words:

“We first designed the slumber bags as a means for her to sit, play, dream, and read about mermaids. We then began crafting the stories for the world of Oceana and its 12 realms, based on real-life places in the ocean. Soon, our other daughters also became obsessed, as the rest of the mermaids and realms came to life. None of our mermaids are alike, just as no two girls are alike”

If you have one of these adorable mermaid slumber bags, drop us a review in comments. Meanwhile when you manage to catch your own adorable unique Enchantails Merrmaid Slumber Bag organize a fantastical Mermaid themed party for your daughter and her friends with these mermaid themed party supplies.

I have included two shark tail slumber bags here for the boys!

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