Hindu Housewarming Gift Ideas – Henna Elephant Mandala

This attractive Henna Elephant Mandala Design is the inspiration of Designer LeahG – it is the perfect housewarming gift for a Hindu couple

Henna Elephant Mandala copyr LeahG Hindu housewarming giftThis design is featured on a range of home decor and home accessory items including bedding, mugs, pillow cases, throw pillows, throw blankets and more. It makes a desirable Hindu housewarming gift as it features the elephant which is very prominent in the Hindu culture, it represents Lord Ganesha and blessings of prosperity and good health. The ornate mandala with Henna inspiration is a very attractive and popular feature in all spiritual inspired homes and turquoise and gold are especially trending now.

How do Hindus celebrate a Housewarming Party?

If you’re Hindu this requires no explanation but for others who may not be but have been invited to a Hindu House Warming party you may wish to learn more about what to expect and how to behave. Hindu housewarming parties tend to be elaborate religious events and like all such events in a Hindu homethey’re often celebrated with a Puja (Pooja) ceremony.

What is a Puja (Pooja) Ceremony?

A Puja ceremony is performed during special occasions and events in a Hindu families life. It is a religious ceremony involving fruits, waters, flowers and prayer. The flowers, fruits and waters are offered to a Hindu deity. The Pooja is often performed privately by the worshipper though in some instances a Priest is present.

From Wikpedia

“In temples and priest-assisted event puja, food, fruits and sweets may be included as offerings to the deity, which, after the prayers, becomes prasad – blessed food shared by all present at the puja.”

Hindu Housewarming Gift Ideas

Home Decor, Art

Ideal gifts are things that can be used as decoration within the home a well as serving a practical function. Items such as candles, bedding, soft furnishings, throw pillows, ornaments, statues of Lord Ganesha, elephant and other animal themed figurines, wall art and so on.

Religious Gifts

The housewarming ceremony in a Hindu household is very religious and so statues of Hindu deities and wall art, figurines are very popular and welcomed gifts. Statues of Lord Ganesha and other deities are gifted to bring luck and prosperity to the home.

Food Gifts

If you’re bringing food, ensure it is vegetarian. Cows are sacred so nothing should contain any cow derivative. Fresh fruits are a welcome gift in Hindu households. Sweets are also welcome, these should also be vegetarian.


Potted plants are preferable to bouquets and cut flowers. Green, Yellow and Red are considered lucky colors. Avoid gifting Frangipanis (funeral flowers).


Gifts of money should be ‘odd’ in number. ie $21 as oppose to $20.

What NOT to gift a Hindu

  • Nothing with ‘cow’ ie food containing cow or leather made from cow skin.
  • Avoid gifts of alcohol unless you know your hosts openly drinks.
  • Food should be vegetarian ideally and egg free also.
  • Do not gift wrap gifts in black and white as these are considered unlucky colors.
  • Males should NOT gift jewelry to females (unless married to them)
  • Nothing too expensive as it may cause embarrassment

How to Present Your Gift In Hindu Tradition

Gift the head of the household your housewarming gift when you arrive. Give it with both hands. Traditionally the gift will not be opened in your presence but after you leave.

Attractive Hindu Housewarming Gift ideas

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