How To Create Your Own Business Cards Using Templates

create own business cards easy templates quality cheap

You don’t need design skills to create your own business cards with these easy to use custom templates

FAST ACCESS to Zazzle’s most popular business card templates

Zazzle (world’s leader in print on demand merchandise and products) not only provides blank templates for you to create business cards from scratch but they have thousands of niche business card templates to suit a wide variety of business needs. These templates have been created by talented Zazzle designers who are skilled in knowing what your unique business card needs are.

Not only that, if you have a custom request you can use the ‘contact designer’ tabs below each each product type to request custom design services or assistance from the designer. They’ll usually provide these custom services free.

Let’s get started

NOTE: Ensure you are on the Zazzle website for YOUR country. You can see the drop down menu for these on the top bar of their website. SEE HERE  for Zazzle’s HELP menu for any questions you may have re delivery, registration etc.

  1. How to find the perfect business card template for your company

When using Zazzle to find a ready-made business card template the most efficient way to find what your looking for is to use a specific keyword phrase and place it inside the search bar.


create own business cards easy templates quality cheapYou are searching for Hair stylist Business Cards in Gold and Black, in the search bar enter hair stylist business cards gold black. It is that simple! Click on the linked phrase to see what Zazzle has found for your business card needs.

841 hairstylist business cards in black and gold show up in the results  (see 2 from this selection below)

The prices shown are for 100 x business cards with printing on both sides. Each designer sets their own royalty rates, so prices can vary between similar like for like products. Designs are modern, trendy and feature the latest graphic and typography design trends.

create own business cards easy templates quality cheap


2 .Refine Your Search

create own business cards easy templates quality cheapPick Size – Shape – Paper Type 

You can refine your search using Zazzle’s filter tool. The business card search results can be filtered in terms of most popular, newest design, card type, size, lowest and highest price and so on. You will need to decide on the size of the card you want, the orientation, the shape (you can add rounded corners) and the paper type.

When you have applied your filters to suit your unique preferences, the selection will be smaller and you can more easily find what you need.

Advanced User Tips: If you designing using a blank template design your file in CMYK, which will ensure printed colors match what is shown on your monitor. Files designed in RGB may not print as expected. To match colors, grab the HEX value of the color and type it into the color tool.

3. Creating Business Cards That Include a Hand Written Text Template Field

If you want your business cards to also act as loyalty cards, reward cards, referral cards, gift certificates and vouchers etc. you may want to include a blank space to write on custom details later with pen ink.

Most of Zazzle’s business cards can be written on however the best to use for this purpose are:

  • Premium Linen
  • Premium Pearl
  • Premium Kraft
  • Premium Grey
  • Premium Black (metallic and white ink pen only)

Not Recommended for writing on:

  • Signature UV Gloss
  • Signature Silk

4. Fill In Your Details

The template business cards will usually have image and text fields for you to add your own photos, a logo and business details on both sides of the card.


You can access the EASY to use templates via this tab on the right side of the product… ‘details’.


To access the design tools which allow you to change fonts, colors, add image and text fields use the tab that is highlighted in blue. This tab may also read ‘Customize’. This tab takes you to the template fields. Page down those fields to the ‘Click to customize further’ link which takes you to the design tools where you can make advanced changes to your business card template.


If you require ANY assistance editing your design you can usually contact the designer using their contact tab which is on the product page via the ‘About This Design’ section.


Before selecting the quantity you want to order and adding to cart, check your design.

  • Ensure all template fields have been edited (both back and front)
  • Ensure all images and text are within the design printable area (no overlaps)
  • Ensure you’ve selected the correct card size, paper, type, finish you desire
  • Check your spelling!
  • Make sure that the colors you have chosen are easily visible against the background color

7. Place Your Order

When you’re 100% satisfied you have checked your design and eliminated all errors, you are ready to place your order. Choose a shipping method.


Zazzle always has sales on you can check their latest special offers here.