Priest Ordination Anniversary Clocks – Commemorative

Your Priest will love these decorative stained glass themed wall clocks which can be personalized with the anniversary details of their Ordination

priest ordination anniversary clocks stained glass.

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The wall clocks from Zazzle come in two sizes, have a variety of silver and gold themes making them suitable of Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations.

All the text details added are template fields which you can edit yourself online with ease.

Whatever the milestone ordination anniversary year 50th Ordination Anniversary Stained Glass Golden Large Clockyour Priest has reached, you can add the years, the milestone, his/her name and any other script as desired.

Some clocks feature text template fields which allow you to add a small amount of verse or Biblical Scripture.

Other clocks in the Ordination Anniversary range include plain black and gold or those with other decorative finishes and cross graphics. These gifts are suitable for any clergy member, just edit accordingly.