Funny Top 10 Reasons To Stay Married

Do you need reasons to stay married? Maybe you don’t but just for fun here’s a great list!

funny top 10 reasons to stay married listI put this list (compiled myself) on a gift mug which you can gift to a happy couple on their wedding anniversary. You can add their names and a personalized message.

It’s suitable for wedding anniversary milestones and those in between. Also makes a good gift idea between husband and wife.

Top Ten reasons to stay married – list

1. Free Sex – you’re free of it until you divorce.
2. No need for an alarm – snoring wakes you at 3am.
3. Save money on laundry, husbands change pants less regularly than lovers.
4. You become desensitized to rotten smells (see above).
5. Stay married to spite your in-laws.
6. Clearing up after spouse keeps you fit.
7. You can divide the technical challenges (who gets to hold tv remote).
8. Beds don’t make themselves!
9. Food tastes better when someone else cooked it.
10. Divorce is expensive