Funny Top Ten Reasons To Eat Cake

Cake Lovers will enjoy these hilariously funny reasons why they MUST eat cake, every day!

funny top 10 reasons to eat cake mugI’ve created this list myself and added it to customizable mugs with cute cake, donut, and cupcake designs to gift to your cake loving friends and family.

They are the perfect mugs to accompany a yummy slice of cake! Take the guilt out of enjoying your favorite treat.

Why not? A little of what you fancy does you the world of good. Page down for serious reasons why it’s good to eat cake!

Here’s my reasons to eat cake list:

funny top 10 reasons to eat cake mug donuts1. A little bit of what you fancy does you good

2. Someone somewhere is celebrating their birthday

3. The more you eat, the harder you are to kidnap

4. It’d be rude not to

6. Life is hard, cake is not – eat cake

7. It tastes better than bread

8. Refusal can cause offence

9. Time goes slower when you eat cake

10. Cake is for Life, not just for Christmas!

funny top 10 reasons to eat cake gift mugs

Reasons why it’s allegedly genuinely good for you to eat cake (and I say allegedly as I haven’t checked the scientific evidence to support this info!) include that eating a ‘sweet treat’ like cake for breakfast can give you enough of a sugar and energy boost to fill you up for longer, stopping you from overeating and snacking during the day. Additionally the pleasure factor gained from eating cake reduces stress levels. I’m not convinced enough to gobble a slice of cake everyday though, are you?