Top 10 Reasons Adults Should Play With Lego

funny top 10 reasons adults play with lego plastic bricksI love Lego every bit as much today as I did when I was a kid, but I don’t buy it for myself. I did however buy my son far more than he ever wanted 😉

In honor of this fantastic pastime I’ve designed a fun mug you can gift to other adult men or women who love these little plastic bricks!

The mug features the list along with some graphics and template text field where you can add a name.

Top 10 reasons why adults should play with plastic bricks

1. Accidentally walking on plastic bricks burns 200 calories
2. You can build a fort and hide from boss in it.
3. Women like men who are good with their hands.
4. Sorting by color and size helps relieve stress.
5. Jigsaws are just so last century.
6. Playing with plastic brick kits is a dress rehearsal for
flat pack furniture.
7. You can take the boat you made and test it in the bathtub.
8. Just like diamonds, plastic bricks really are forever.
9. You know you’re successful when you can no longer
fit all your bricks in a drawer.
10. It’s not the size of the brick that matters its what you can
do with it.

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