How to overcome Zazzler Blues and make some serious money

Have you got the Zazzler Blues?

Change , change and more change

Zazzle has undergone many changes in recent years causing a fair amount of chaos and disruption at times for designers. But the reasons for change have been solid and valuable. They include:

  • The need to remain ahead of the competition
  • The need to accommodate fluctuating consumer demands
  • The need to ensure the BEST designs are at the top of searches (and the worst ideally unseen by all) as numbers of designers and designs increased by tens of thousands.
  • The need to accommodate changes in search engine preferences.

The increase in choice for the consumer means its harder than ever for them to find the perfect item for their needs. They don’t want to search through thousands of products and multiple sites.  As such Zazzle has to find ways for the cream of the crop to float to the top (best designs) FAST .

Failing to answer a need fast on the web means the user clicks away from the site and looks elsewhere.

What do the changes mean for us?

For a great many of us who do not have the time to adjust to the changes this can mean a dramatic drop in sales as our products are pushed further and further back in the marketplace and become harder to find.

BUT for those who do have the time and the ambition, it remains a worthy investment and sales are on the increase.

What can we do about it?

The questions asked by those who have been adversely affected by the changes, are

  1. “How Do We Catch Up?”
  2. “Can we still compete in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive market place?”
  3. “Is it worth carrying on?”

If you’ve seen a drop in sales in recent months it is easy to become disheartened and disillusioned especially when you already worked so hard to do as well as you had previously been doing up until this point. Blast those Zazzle changes!

Hope is NOT lost

It will take hard work and a leap of faith to make the changes necessary to turn your stores around so once again they start making money.

If you’re in any doubt as to what this may mean, for myself (for whom sales have never been better) I am currently in the process of editing the descriptions and tags for almost 10,000 products.

Why am I doing this?

Because there is always a better way to do things and I believe my current way is not as effective as it could be regarding making my products visible to search engines and the Zazzle marketplace.

10,000 products may not seem a lot to those who have a few hundred thousand (courtesy of quick create and years of devoted Zazzling) but in terms of workload and ‘leaps of faith’ that the changes have a positive impact on sales, I anticipate around 80hrs of work. Unpaid, labor of love, unless of course it pays off and I reap the dividends!

How do we make the most of our time?

It’s easy to spend days and weeks heading in the wrong direction. This post aims to help you move in the right direction.

Invest Your Time as follows:

  • Read Zazzle’s guides about how to increase Zrank (like or loathe it, it is here to stay – get on board!).
  • Self promote and share your products (share every one after publishing).
  • Learn some basic Graphic Design skills – VERY IMPORTANT – look at the top sellers and the professional quality of their designs – this is what you should be aspiring to create yourself.
  • Write a description that will provide value to the consumer
  • Write 10 tags (40 characters per tag – 5 words – whereby the tags relate to the product title, the function and purpose of the item as well as its physical description (graphic elements, colors etc.).
  • Delete or hide old stock that has NO views or sales.
  • REDO stock that has HIGH views but no sales.
  • DO MORE of items that sell well – offer greater variety, alternative customization options
  • Use Quick Create with caution – ensure designs properly fit the product in orientation and purpose! Remember to share each and every product as you would with singles.
  • Have all products in related collections
  • Use titles that accurately describe your items function and appearance
  • Add new products to your store at least weekly
  • Follow trends in design and popular culture for ideas
  • Create seasonal items at least 3 months ahead of the season
  • Promote seasonal items at least one month ahead of the season

That’s it for now, feel free to add your own ideas and opinions in comments