Zazzlers Design Skool – Grasp The Basics of Graphic Design Principles

Average Joe doesn’t cut it on Zazzle anymore

With many thousands of designers, a good proportion of whom are professionals, the days of being able to stick a random photo, original piece of art on a Zazzle product (with no template fields) and have it sell are over.

Leave your ‘out-of-the-box designs’ at the door

zazzle invitations trending nowThe customer is very discerning today and with so much choice available to them, they can afford to be. The customer wants High Street Quality designs that they can customize.

What this means is that they want the latest trending graphics, colors, products and not last seasons, last years or whatever crazy new idea you’ve come up with.

Modern Chinese Save the Date Wedding Cute Informal Invitation

I’ve come up with loads of out-of-the-box design ideas over the years and much as ‘I’ love them, not many others seem to. As such I now TOW the line in favor of profit.

I do sometimes have a dabble outside the trending lines (left is an example featuring my own art) to satisfy my creative arty nature, but then it’s back to the serious business of doing what I need to do to make money.

Zazzle is your guide re what’s HOT – check out their home pages

customizable trendy tshirts zazzleZazzle recognises this which is why on their main pages what you see reflects High Street trends more than it does original artists home-grown flavors.

They have trending slogan t-shirts, the latest seasons colors and favored graphic elements (pineapples have been popular a while!) and all applied to the product with professional graphic designer precision.

There is NOTHING amateur about what Zazzle features on its home pages.

Bottom line, if you want to make serious money then you have to play by Zazzle’s rules; unless of course you’re an artist with a following, a recognizable brand, or a unique niche ( I envy you and your unique niches!!) then the rules do not apply.

GOOD NEWS – FREE Beginners In Graphic Design Resource

I have found a great FREE Graphic Design resource website which features video tutorials as well as the written word and pictures (which I prefer) on the basic principles of graphic design (software not required). The basics are VERY important as they lay the foundation for everything you do.

Grasp these and you’re on your way to creating eye-catching, sophisticated designs on Zazzle which will capture today’s discerning consumer audience.

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