Funny Adult Aspergers Memes – Can You Relate?

Are you always apologising for being honest – what’s up with that?

funny adults aspergers tshirt apology for honesty autism asd
Sorry – NOT!

As an adult on the spectrum I can identify with these funny adult Aspergers memes, jokes and sayings and memes. The phrases were written unintentionally for regular folk but I feel they’re so beautifully apt for ASD Aspies. I could be wrong, I often am so do let me know if you’re an adult on the autism spectrum what you think and if you have any other ideas for funny ‘lighten the load and put a positive spin on it’ Aspergers quotes and phrases.

NOTE: All funny adult Aspergers memes and jokes, sayings featured can be found on tshirts for men and women, mugs, stickers, buttons and totes HERE.

My absolute favorite is this phrase:

“I’m sorry for the mean awful ACCURATE things I said”.
I say it how it is

Don’t ever ask an adult on the Aspergers spectrum if your bum looks too big in ‘that’. A very good friend of mine did so many years ago and on receiving an ‘affirmative yes with detailed advice re rectifying the issue, she never spoke to me for 3 days. As we lived together in a studio apartment this made life somewhat difficult. And for me, as I was not only answering the question asked I elaborated with helpful advice this was a very confusing and annoying time!!

Never ask an adult on the Aspergers spectrum anything you don’t want an honest answer to

And for those who consider honest opinions a flaw or a disorder, I am inclined to disagree. I wish the whole world was ‘honest’. Life would be nicer and simpler. For this reason (and many others) I dislike the ‘D’ on the end of the abbreviated diagnosis ASD – Asperger Spectrum Disorder. Yes there are difficulties associated with being on the spectrum, but there are also many positives.

These funny tshirts, mugs, stickers and buttons are also designed to highlight those ASD positives!

unny adults aspergers tshirt leave me alone autism asd
Leave Me Alone

Another favorite of mine is the ‘It’s a beautiful day to leave me alone’ tshirt – accompanied by Aspergers puzzle piece ribbon and a shy unicorn.

Up until recently (I began dating again after many years of single life) I shared adult company no more than 4hrs a week. As I work alone (from home) that is a very isolating existence … for some. Not so much for me. The Internet is magnificent at filling in ‘social’ gaps in a ‘safe’ way which allows me to ‘edit’ myself. That is not to say that I do not enjoy company and socialising ‘in limited chunks’, I do. And I think I’m good at it.

It is not a disorder to enjoy tranquility

funny aspergers memes jokes brain too many tabs open unicorn
My Brain Hurts

Like a great many others, I enjoy my downtime.  Especially in this over cluttered, rat race of a Western world. Does this make me abnormal? I don’t think so. There are many parts of the world where things are less ‘busy, bureaucratic and energy zapping’ and for those places I suspect the notion of ASD is non-existent.

This ‘condition’ is I believe in large a product of the environment. Yes it can be reflected (brain scans have shown) in brain structure, but what came first?

Did the behavior facilitate the change in the brain or did the brain facilitate the behavior?

I have more to add to this … will catch up later.

funny aspergers memes dont underestimate me
Don’t Underestimate Me

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