Top 10 FUNNIEST Quote Tshirts!

Check out the funniest (they’re trending!) quote tshirts for  2018!

The quotes that make the top 10 funny quote tshirt list are featured below. They link to the tshirts which are available for men women and sometimes kids (if appropriate) in a range of styles, colors and sizes.

funny quote tshirt little slappy make daddy happy

  1. In my defense I was left unsupervised
  2. Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice!
  3. It’s ok if you disagree with me, I can’t force you to be right
  4. When I said ‘how stupid can you be?’ it wasn’t a challenge.
  5. I graduated, now I’m like smart and stuff
  6. SOLD! To the gorgeous woman in the white dress
  7.  No need to repeat yourself, I ignored you just fine the first time
  8. White , straight, conservative, Christian, how else may I offend you today?
  9. I hate it when people accuse me of lollygagging, when it’s quite clear I am dilly dallying. 

My Own Favorite Funny Quote Tshirts – NOT in the top Ten Yet!!

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