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BLOCK PARTY  Template any occasion

Tips on hosting the perfect Party On The Block!!

Gather Up the Neighborhood For an Amazing Party
By Marikor Hidalgo

Organizing a neighborhood party can serve a great purpose in further getting to know your neighbors. This gathering opens you and your family up to establishing really good relationships with new and old members of your community. While some may feel and think that having a party is but a miscellaneous or easy task, it actually requires systematic planning so that everyone could have the most memorable and enjoyable time.

Planning a neighborhood block party is just like any other party you would have. Gather some of your neighbor friends and collect suggestions from everyone with regards to the date, time, location and type of party that would best fit everyone’s general preference. It would also be more systematic if committees are formed, such as over-all in-charge, secretariat, logistics, finance, food and drinks, and decorations.

Upon deciding these factors, remember to take note of the children in your neighborhood. Assessing the most dominant kids’ age group is vital so you can also plan on activities appropriate for their age. On the other hand, it is still best to arrange activities that let everybody join regardless of age. Remember that the main goal of this party is to bond your neighborhood.

Typically, the date and time are set during the weekend afternoon. Be sure not to schedule it near holidays as most of your neighbors would probably have prior engagements. As for the location, scout for a place that could accommodate as many guests and is accessible to everyone. If you have a community gathering facility, ask the officer-in-charge about its availability so you can reserve it as soon as possible.

While you may be the spearhead of the party, it is not your sole responsibility to shoulder all the costs involved in it. Ultimately, the cost of the party would depend on its type. Would you hire caterers, decorators and musicians? Would it be more like of backyard barbecue fest? Decide on this primarily so you could have a clear direction as to what the party would need. Express your budget limitations to your core organizing team and invite suggestions how to finance the party. If your community has a homeowner’s association, inquire if funding for this project is possible. If this is not available, ask each household if they can chip in. It would be best not to appear imposing with regards to the amount they have to contribute. Initially explain what the party is for, how it would be conducted and what its needs are. This way you could accumulate much more money than you might have expected.

Once the preparation stage is set, draft the invitations. While having invitations individually addressed per household, it might be costly. What you could do is to produce flyers instead. This flyer has to contain all the details of the party from the date and location to the theme and what they should bring, if any. Include the number of the contact person who would receive their RSVPs or further inquiries about the party.

Having a potluck is the most convenient way to bring in food and drinks. Plus, it would also be a way to discover different dishes. Each dish may even be a means to encourage conversations. Say, you are interested in a particular dish, you can easily approach which neighbor had this recipe. From there, endless possibilities of topics to talk about can spring. On another note, tell the confirmed guests to make a small note card along with their dish. This piece of paper should contain the ingredients of the dish so as to warn everybody whether it contains something that could trigger their allergies. Also, make sure that at least half of the dishes are kid-friendly foods.

With regards to party entertainment, a talent show would encourage deeper connection among neighbors rather than hiring outside performers or musicians. It would even be a means to discover hidden talents, thus making the party all the more memorable.

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