How To Make Beeswax Candles – 2 methods

How to Make Beeswax Candles By Jeanne De Villiers

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Before we start making beeswax candles, let’s make sure we know where beeswax comes form. Beeswax is a natural wax produced in bee hives and honey bees. It is mostly esters and fatty acids and various long chain alcohols. Beeswax is a soft, yellow-amber colour and produce a natural honey scent. Being a natural product from nature it is extremely environmental friendly and it will save you money.

There are two ways to make beeswax candles. You can either roll the sheet of beeswax around a cotton wick or you can do it the normal way by pouring melted wax into a mold. I will cover both these methods.


What you will need: Sheets of wax, Hair dryer, scissors and a cotton wick.

Choose a flat surface for your working area. Place your beeswax sheet on the working area. Folding the beeswax in a simple square for making a traditional tall thin candles. Remember, you can be creative and make your ons shapes like a diagonal cut for a tapered candles.

Cut the crease (where you folded the beeswax) with the scissors. Try to stay on the even edges.

Now use the hair dryer to blow warm air on the beeswax (+/-20 seconds) to soften it.

Cut your wick about one inch longer than the piece your beeswax. Place your wick on the edge of the sheet and start rolling it with both hands. The wick must be placed with half and inch sticking out on both sides of your sheet of beeswax.

When you completed the roll process use the hair dryer to warm the edge of the sheet to seal it. Use your finger tip to softly smooth the edges.

Cut the one end of the wick completely and the other side to one quarter inch and that’s it, you can now leave het to cool and you are ready to light your first beeswax candles!


What you will need: Double boiler, spoon, mold, scissors, wick, beeswax

This method is exactly the same as making a normal candle. Only difference is the beeswax. Start by placing the beeswax into your double boiler and heat on the oven. Stir the wax until it reaches +/-160 degrees. Wax melt on 145 degrees.

In the meantime you can prepare the wick. Cut it to the height of your mold plus 2 inches. Dip your wick in the melted wax to make it stiff and easy to stay straight while you pour in the melted wax. Use a pen or knife to hold the wick in place over the jar. When you done, cut your wick to the desired length and your done. Allow about 24 hours to let your new candle dry before your test it.

Beeswax makes a very nice gift and like I said beeswax candles is very environmentally friendly. It also burn without releasing smoke and toxins into the air. Hope you will have lots of fun making beeswax candles.

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