Getting Old Is No Laughing Matter – Or Is It?  It is when you have these funny 50th birthday gifts!

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Funny 50th Birthday T-Shirt HIM Caution SignThere is a time for being serious and a 50th birthday isn’t it. You should be celebrating your 50yr old pal who is hurtling towards a mid-life-crisis, drying up, watching their body giving in to gravity and forgetting what year they were born …. conveniently!! It’s a time to remind them they’re getting old, forgetful and generally past it. And I’ve got some fabulously funny 50th birthday gag gifts which do exactly that! Nothing wrong with a sense of humor at this ‘sensitive’ time.

If you want to be ‘nicer’ about it of course you can page down to our Fabulous Fifty gift section.

Funny 50th Birthday T-Shirt No Sex after 50

Being fifty isn’t all bad of course, it’s an age when you feel comfortable in your own skin (it’s looser after all) and you can start looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle.


1967 Year Born Wall Art Add Photo, Name, Customize

50th Birthday YEAR BORN Poster

This unique album cover style poster gift has fields with details of things that happened in 1967vthe year they were born! You don’t have to follow the suggestions in the template fields you can create your own. These are just a guideline to inspire your choices. As a 50th birthday gift, you can make this funny, sentimental or uniquely personal. It’s up to you!

This is a modern trendy 50th birthday gift and it will definitely be appreciated and treasured by the 50th birthday girl or boy! Getting older isn’t a time for sober reflection it’s a time to celebrate making it this far! Enjoy!

Funny 50th Birthday Her Menopause Hot Flushes T-Shirt

Funny 50th Birthday Her Menopause Hot Flushes T-ShirtThis Funny Menopausal Woman 50th Birthday Gag Gift For Women is my inspiration. It features a caution warning sign saying ‘spontaneous combustion’ and the words ‘warning I’m’ followed by a 50 mile an hour speed limit road sign!

This funny gag gift for a woman’s 50th birthday is playing on the fact she will soon be going through the menopause, having hot flushes and generally getting older! It’s funny for those with a sense of humor! You can edit the text to include your friend, family members name. All the 50th birthday gifts from this store can be personalized.

This Funny 50th GAG Birthday Mug for HER says:

Funny 50th Birthday Gift For Her Personalized Coffee Mug” Now I’m 50 I feel comfortable in my own skin. It is looser after all!”Check out the sale price by clicking on the image!

You can Personalize this Fabulous Custom Fifties 50th Birthday Mug! Add the 50th birthday girls Name, birthday date and edit the getting older joke if you wish! The image is a fun vintage illustration of a fifties pin-up powder-puff girl. Perfect as a gag 50th birthday gift for her! She’ll love it.






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