gift ideas generator Hi,I am LeahG. I am myself a Gift Designer, Trend Spotter and Blogger and now YOUR personal live gift ideas generator and I promise you I’m human, though it can be questionable at times. The service I provide as your gift ideas generator is simple, effective and FAST.

How It Works – call me Leah!

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Birthday Invitations

Method 1 – DIY
This site has hundreds of articles on the different types of gift that are suitable for different types of person, occasion, hobby and interest. There are personalized gifts, custom gifts, gifts that are unusual, funny, handmade, unique and those created by artisans.

You can browse the site menu or use the search bar to find a mass of best-selling gifts from Amazon, Zazzle and other reputable merchants. I have sourced these gifts MYSELF! Yes I really have. They are not generated by a feed. They have been added one by one by my fair hand.

I trawl pages of gift options in a given category to find what I feel (based on experience, trends and research) will make the best gift options.

I want you to buy one after all (I am an affiliate advertiser) So it makes sense I do my best to find something YOU are delighted with.

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Grandmother Gifts

There is NO cost to you for using this site

The gifts nearly always have (unless they’re new to the market) great reviews. This ensures quality, service and satisfaction. Ensure you read a handful of them before making your selection.

I don’t want you rushing into choosing a gift, I do value getting it right. It means so much to the gift recipient.

Method 2 – ASK ME! (comment form below)

FREE – No Obligation, NO spam service

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or don’t have the time or inclination to look – Just ask me. I’m always here, I never sleep (I may not be human after all!) and I aim to have some great gift suggestions with you inside 24hrs.

I will search for them personally – guaranteed. FREE with no obligation EVER to buy anything. I will not store or share your personal details and won’t chase you up or send emails or any of those things that happen when you subscribe to something. I will literally do my search, share the results with you at your request and that will be that!

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Memorial Gifts

What’s in it for me? Maybe something maybe nothing. If someone buys something from one of the merchants that appear on this site (based on strict criteria they set) I may get a referral fee. It’s very hit and miss. I do this mainly for the love not the money. I know, I know!! Cray Crayyy ( ‘Cray ‘ means crazy … language of the youth!)

As a work from home mum, I have to keep a few balls in the air and this is one of them. A pleasant one. Who wouldn’t want to be looking at lovely gifts days after day?  You? oh….. Ok then! *wink*

Is this site and service better than a gift generator app?

Er, I should say so! I’m a real person that has to count for something?

My opinion having reviewed a couple of high-ranking apps. is that it’s better to be patient and take a little time choosing the right gift than being click happy and buying the first thing that a gift ideas generator app suggests.

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Godchild Gifts

They’re a great idea in principle, but in practice – not so much. As someone who’s been researching, blogging and promoting gifts for the past few years, I find these apps somewhat lacking in the options they provide to filter your gift search results.

I’ve just done a search for online gift generators. They work by asking you the gender, age range, personality type or vague interest of the gift recipient then the gift generator redirects you to a list of gift options based on your filtered results.

I trialed the apps using myself and friends as possible gift recipients and wasn’t impressed with the results. I honestly wouldn’t give those gifts to my friends. But that’s not because they weren’t great gifts, they absolutely were, just NOT for me or my friends. I feel the filters that determine the selection are too limited, or ‘irrelevant’.

There is really no substitute for YOU and what you know (in greater depth than the generator allows) about the gift recipient.

And if you don’t know the person well then question whether you ought to be buying them a gift at all. A token gesture of a gift card, gift basket is a safe option and reflects the nature of the less intimate relationship.

Save your time, money and energy for people you care about and have a close bond of affection with.

That may seem callous, but it’s practical and honest. And I am … honest!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a medal! I can ramble. Now let’s gooooooooooooooo shopping!!



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