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I have a theory (and the Best Selling Trending Gift items for men seem to confirm it) that men generally enjoy gifts that enhance their alone time more than they do ‘personal’ gifts.

What’s the difference?

Well .. a personal gift might be something like a swanky shaver, or a monogrammed wallet. Great gift items a man may enjoy but their hearts won’t beat faster with excitement. gifts for menThe ‘alone time enhancing’ gift would be items such as trendy, tiny, efficient, all singing all dancing music gadget they can take along on their fishing trip or an underwater camera for scuba diving. These are practical items that enhance what they’re already doing.

These gifts for him are the ‘extra icing on the cake’. Do you agree? Ask your man as I am keen to know. That in mind, I have here some ‘alone time’ enhancing gift ideas. Page down for sentimental keepsake gifts that are personalized because there are always occasions when only these will do!

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Gadget Gifts For Men

I really like this glow in the dark toilet thingy!! The man can’t miss with this can he? 🙂

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