Learn the secret to buying great gifts for men and boys

gift ideas for men uniqueI have a theory (and Amazon’s Best Selling Trending Gift items for men seem to confirm it) that men generally enjoy gifts that enhance their alone time more than they do decorative gifts.

What’s the difference?

A decorative gift might be something like a nice tie or a keepsake box. Great gift items a man may enjoy but their hearts won’t beat faster with excitement.

personalized gift ideas for men sports and games

The ‘alone time enhancing’ gift would be items such as trendy, tiny, efficient, all singing all dancing music gadget they can take along on their fishing trip or an underwater camera for scuba diving. A personalized golf bag!

You may for example buy him a jigsaw featuring his favorite piece of art rather than a poster of it. That is if he enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles.

These are practical items that incorporate and enhance their passionate pursuits.

Shop Custom Gear for Gadgets on Zazzle.comZazzle (see menu right) has a massive selection of toys, gadgets and games that you add your own photos and images to, along with commemorative text (includes sporting equipt, and playing cards) Check them out HERE.

These gifts for him are the ‘extra icing on the cake’. Do you agree? Ask your man as I am keen to know.

Check out these ‘alone time’ enhancing gift ideas popular on Amazon followed by some awesome personalized practical gifts which the man in your life will also enjoy.

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Gadget Gifts For Men

I really like this glow in the dark toilet thingy!! The man can’t miss with this can he? 🙂

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