Cool Gift Ideas For Your Grandma or Grandpa

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Grandmother Gifts

Today’s Grandma and Grandpa are modern and trendy and your gift should reflect that. Featured here are some funny as well as sentimental and decorative grandparent gifts.

Many can be personalized (see left – click image link to view whole selection). Page down for my Journal suggestions for grandmother and grandfather.

Personalized Journals are Great Gifts For Grandparents - here's why!

I have deep respect and appreciation for the elderly and always have. They have the experience and the wisdom of a lifetime of experiences, many of which my generation cannot comprehend and they should be treated with the respect and given the credit that they deserve. It grieves me greatly the way some elderly are treated in a dismissive or condescending manner. That's not the case for you! You are here because you do love and appreciate your elderly relative, friend, neighbor and to show that love you're seeking a great gift idea that they will love and enjoy. I hope I do not disappoint with my this cool gift for elderly parents or grandparents suggestion.

Memoir Journals - published autobiography

They say that everyone has a book in them. I bet you've said it about yourself once or twice?

I believe among the better gifts for the older generation are ones that reflect your understanding of their power and wisdom. What greater gift could there be than a desire from you to assist them in writing their memoirs or an auto biography for yourself and future generations to enjoy. It is a great compliment that you believe they have something of value to share.

The gift of a journal for recording memoirs on its own is not be enough to signify the importance of what you are asking them to do .. for you. The gift has to be presented and gifted in a very special way to ensure the full significance of the gift is imparted and your ongoing support and interest in the project is essential. Your participation in helping to assemble photographs, family tree details, newspaper cuttings and so on is a big part of this gift, because it is something that you can enjoy and contribute to as a family together.

The words

'we value you and your life and wish you to gift us your memories for future generations to enjoy as much as we have enjoyed sharing them with you in our lifetimes' could convey the importance of this gift.

Follow it up with:

' We/I present you with this journal to start what we hope will be a journey of discovery we can enjoy together as a family'.

If you are able to include with the gift a keepsake box filled with items you have already collected and assembled for this task, that would be great. It is important that this 'gift' isn't presented as a chore.

The gift in essence is the book that is inside them.

If you wanted to take this gift one step further you could digitalize the book and have it printed as an actual hard cover book. There are many ways you can do this now online and they make truly memorable book ideas. SnapFish are one such company that allow you to complete photo books which you can add text to. They come in variable finishes. I use them for printing out my photos and have before now had one of their smaller spiral bound image books, as well as calendars from them and the quality is very acceptable.