Super Kawaii Squishy Squishies – Grab Yours Here

Kawaii Shop Squishies are so cute and adorable and we can’t help but squish them! They’re a popular kawaii gift for girls around the globe and they’ve fast become collector items.

Girls trade their squishies online via Facebook and other social media groups and look out for that one squishy that will make their collection complete …. till another one comes along 😉

Squishies For Collectors

Take a look at these great value Squishies

Also very popular are mini squishies which are doubling up as charms for key rings and other accessories. This makes A stress relieving squishy very portable! One very important factor for choosing squishies is that they must be slow rising. There are YouTube videos where reviewers demonstrate the slow rising squish!

Perfumed Squishies are very desirable. they make the whole squishy experience appeal to all the sense! Don’t eat them though!!

Make Your Own Squishies!

Kawaii Shop Modes4u.comHave you thought of making your own squishies? Check out these awesome Squishy making kits. The squishy making stuff is From Decollage and its called Puffy!

It can be used to make soft squishy mini charms and deco pieces for decoden. Full name Padico decollage Fluffy Puffy DIY Kit. They don’t have this kit on Amazon sadly. We do have some other items from them though that can be used for cute Kawaii crafting.

I reckon they have them on Modes4U though!! Have a peep via the image left.

Hello Kitty Squishies

Hello Kitty is huge is Japan and among Kawaii fans! Their Hello Kitty Squishies are adorable and very collectible.

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